6 Most Famous Indian Restaurants in Canada

Canada is the country with the most scenic locations in North America and is also called Mini Punjab. Therefore most of the people living here are migrants from India or have some type of relations with India. The dense crowd of Indians in Canada also encourages restaurant owners to open many Indian restaurants in Canada. Most of these are specialized in south Indians, north Indian, Rajasthani, Marwari, and other famous Indian delicacies. So take a look at these famous Indian restaurants in Canada and visit there to taste authentic Indian species.

Indian food is the best when it comes to taste or quantity. The adequate amount of food under an Indian menu is sufficient to fill the stomach of a couple of people. Also, the rich taste of species in Indian food will tickle your taste buds to an extreme level. So, let us know about some famous Indian restaurants located in Canada. Make sure to have food at these places when you visit Canada in the future.

# Agra Tandoori Restaurant

You can predict the popularity of this restaurant by seeing the crowd even at the lazy hours of the day, like in the early morning or evenings. Chefs at Agra Tandoori Restaurant in Canada are committed to serving the best conventional taste to Canadians. So, if you are a Canadian but carving for Indian food, then head to this place. You will get the best tandoori dishes like fish, chicken, or prawns. You can also order special platter options here to save money.

# Leela Indian Food Bar – Dundas

Leela Indian Food Bar in Dundas is definitely the best restaurant in the town offering Indian food to the migrants. The authentic food at this place is prepared with fresh ingredients and farm cultivated species sources from India itself. This is the main reason why the food at Leela Indian Food Bar tastes and smells like authentic Indian cuisine. No other restaurant in Canada offers such scrumptious delicacies with similar taste or quantity. So, make sure to visit this famous restaurant to try their specialties.

# Ramakrishna Indian Restaurant

There are numerous Indian Restaurants in Canada with all different specialties, but Ramakrishna Indian Restaurant is served with the best taste. From starters and Appetizers to main course food, you will get a range of options in their menu. There are so many items on the menu that you can even plan a full 7-course meal for yourself. So, why not try their Tandoori dishes, thick Curry, and smoked Biryanis prepared with authenticity.

# Vij’s Sutra

Vij’s Sutra was opened in 2013, and within this short time period, it has successfully gained so much prestige in the market. This Indian restaurant in Canada is famous for serving traditionally cooked Indian food to its customers. If you are planning for an outing with your friends, colleagues, or any family member, then the location and ambiance of Vij’s Sutra are perfect for catering to them all. This famous restaurant is located in the heart of Vancouver city.

# Raj Mahal Indian Cuisine

Raj Mahal Indian Cuisine in North York, Canada, is the foremost restaurant providing Indian food to visitors. This restaurant is basically a year of hard dedication by Chef Raj. The rich blend of spices in the Indian cuisines you try at the Raj Mahal restaurant will take you back to your country. Chef Raj himself keeps a stern look while preparing food in their kitchen and makes sure that they are serving spices as per the customers’ demand.

# Light of India Restaurant

Canada is full of tourist attractions, and you need to fill your tummy first after the hectic schedule. To fill up your ballet with Indian food, Light of India Restaurant is the best place in Canada to go with your special ones. Welcoming staff at the Light of India Restaurant will offer you a welcome drink on your arrival before ordering anything. Further, you can order your choice of food from their menu. You will also get a buffet option at this restaurant in Canada that you can opt for by paying minimal charges at the counter.
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