4 Most Famous Natural Mangrove Walkways in Andaman

Andaman stands out as the ultimate destination for nature lovers. Its serene seas and captivating mangrove pathways make it a haven for those who seek solace in the arms of nature. The allure of Andaman's mangroves is irresistible, captivating tourists with their beauty and tranquility. For nature enthusiasts, strolling through these natural wonders is an unforgettable experience, making it a must-do activity while visiting Andaman.

Here are some of the most renowned natural mangrove walkways in Andaman, cherished by visitors:

# Dhani Nallah Mangrove

A visit to Rangat is incomplete without exploring Dhani Nallah mangrove. This wooden boardwalk offers enchanting views of the mangrove forests along Dhani Nallah Beach. What's more, there's no entry fee, making it a popular choice among visitors. Keep an eye out for turtles on the sandy shores, adding to the charm of this mangrove paradise. It's hailed as one of the finest natural mangrove walkways in India.

# Yerrata Mangrove

Yerrata boasts a Mangrove Interpretation Centre, enlightening tourists and locals about Andaman's mangrove heritage. A leisurely 350m bench walk offers serene views of the mangroves. Visitors can also enjoy the Mangrove View Watch Tower and a small pond, enhancing the experience manifold.

# Mangrove Canopy Walk, Baratang

Managed by Baratang's forest officials, this 240m narrow bridge is constructed from non-timber forest produce, preserving the mangroves' integrity. The walkway, located on Baratang Island, a 100 km drive from Port Blair, is a marvel of engineering, ensuring no harm to the surrounding trees. Information boards along the way offer insights into the unique features of the mangroves.

# Ross Island Mangrove Walkways

Accessible only after signing up due to its naval base status, Ross Island boasts several brick mangrove walkways. These pathways provide a delightful excursion into the island's mangrove ecosystem. However, visitors should note that the walkways are closed at night for entry.
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