5 Famous Indian Highway Eateries You Must Try Once

In this vast nation, every individual comprehends the significance of Dhabas. Beyond just satiating the hunger of travelers, these roadside eateries have effectively encapsulated the authentic flavors of various regions, serving them to the ever-demanding Indian traveler. The warmth and hospitality found in these Dhabas are unparalleled, surpassing even that of conventional restaurants or luxury hotels. Initially regarded merely as pit stops for weary travelers, Dhabas have now evolved into microcosms of local culture. Their culinary offerings, preparations, and distinct flavors have elevated them to the status of unique tourist attractions.

# Mr. Sanjay Dhaba, Srinagar-Leh Highway

Sanjay Dhaba, situated along the Srinagar-Leh Highway, merely 50 kilometers outside Leh, is a prime example. Despite its unassuming appearance—a simple brick and concrete structure—this eatery enchants visitors with its delectable aalooparatha and gobikisabzi. There's nothing quite like relishing a hot aalooparatha paired with chai amidst the cool climate of Srinagar-Leh. Make sure to include a visit to Mr. Sanjay Dhaba in your Ladakh tour itinerary.

# Giani Da Dhaba, Kalka-Shimla Road

On the Kalka-Shimla Road, Giani Da Dhaba beckons travelers to savor authentic Himachali cuisine. Despite its name suggesting a typical roadside eatery, Giani Da Dhaba surprises with its well-maintained premises, delicious food, and pleasant ambiance. Explore the flavors of Shimla with our tailored tour packages.

# Karnal Haveli, Karnal

In Karnal, Karnal Haveli stands out as a haven for lovers of authentic Punjabi cuisine. Despite its exterior resembling a grand haveli rather than a traditional dhaba, this establishment offers a modern, well-furnished interior along with scrumptious Punjabi dishes. Located on NH1, Karnal Haveli even boasts an amusement park for children, making it a must-visit spot on any India tour.

# Bhajan Tadka Dhaba, Gajraula

Nestled along NH24, BhajanTadkaDhaba captivates with its picturesque setting amidst thatched hay-stacks. Offering a clean environment and delectable fare at reasonable prices, this dhaba is renowned for dishes like paneer butter masala and kadhipakora with garlic laccha, leaving a lasting impression on your taste buds.

# Satara Highway Dhaba, Satara

On NH4, Satara Highway Dhaba stands as a symbol of inclusivity, being operated by transgenders. This unique establishment offers unparalleled hospitality and serves delightful dishes such as capsicum masala, accompanied by refreshing chai. It's a testament to the respect and acceptance extended to transgenders in Indian society, making it a noteworthy stop on any journey.
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