5 Things You Should Not Miss in Port Blair

Port Blair, the capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, boasts a rich tapestry of diverse communities and indigenous tribes. Renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, including tropical forests, coconut groves, and captivating seascapes, it offers a serene retreat for visitors. For a breathtaking panoramic view of the archipelago, nothing compares to the thrill of an aerial tour aboard a helicopter, allowing you to witness the beauty of almost every island from above.

When planning your Port Blair getaway, whether you're traveling with companions or exploring solo, be sure to include a Makruzz cruise in your schedule for an unforgettable experience. Additionally, don't miss the opportunity to explore popular tourist spots like Elephant Beach and Ross Island, where mesmerizing light and sound shows await. For those seeking engaging activities in Port Blair, a visit to the mini zoo, renowned for its crocodile breeding farm, is highly recommended. Here, you can encounter unique species such as the Andaman Pig and Andaman gecko, along with over 150 varieties of birds and animals.

# Exploring Cellular Jail Memorial

A must-visit attraction in Port Blair is the renowned Kala Paani jail, also known as the Cellular Jail Memorial. This iconic site stands as a poignant symbol of India's struggle for independence from British colonial rule. Drawing countless visitors who come to pay homage to the freedom fighters, it offers a profound experience. In the evenings, the memorial hosts a compelling sound and light show, shedding light on the historical fight for independence. Additionally, visitors can explore the exhibition and art galleries, featuring archival photographs from the First War of Independence and the eternal flame of freedom, Swatantrya Jyoti, honoring our freedom fighters. Paying respects to these heroes is a must-do while in Port Blair.

The history of the jail dates back to the Indian uprising against British rule when it was established by the British to quell the spirit of freedom, subjecting prisoners to harsh penal conditions and brutal physical torture.

# Marina Park and Aquarium Experience

For an enriching encounter with over 350 marine species, a visit to Marina Park and Aquarium is essential in Port Blair. Managed by the fisheries department, this aquarium-museum complex showcases marine life in its natural habitat, including table corals, sharks, sea turtles, and starfish, alongside various shells and corals. Notably, it features the skeleton of a sperm whale, housing the world's largest tooth. Families can delight in observing dolphins and endangered sawfishes here, making it a top attraction in Port Blair.

# Shopping Delights at Aberdeen Bazaar

For a unique shopping experience, Aberdeen Bazaar surpasses any mall, offering an array of souvenirs and local crafts. From handcrafted mementos to pearl necklaces and Andaman-themed t-shirts, it's a treasure trove for visitors. Don't miss out on exploring this vibrant market, and after a day of shopping, indulge in delectable seafood at nearby restaurants like the renowned Lighthouse Restaurant.

# Snorkeling Adventure at Jolly Buoy Island

Jolly Buoy Island, near Port Blair, beckons adventure enthusiasts with its thrilling snorkeling opportunities. With clear waters and gentle currents, it's ideal for both beginners and experienced swimmers to discover the underwater wonders. Encounter vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, including clownfish, lionfish, and giant parrotfish. Plan your visit between April and November, as the island is open for only six months, accessible via boat from Wandoor Beach, located 30 kilometers from Port Blair.

# Jet-Skiing Excitement at Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Corbyn’s Cove Beach stands as a pristine gem in Port Blair, offering breathtaking vistas of azure waters and lush coconut palm trees. Adventure seekers can partake in thrilling water activities, including jet-skiing and speed boating. Don't miss the chance to explore Japanese bunkers from World War II scattered along the beach. Arrive early to beat the crowds and enjoy water sports activities like parasailing and seakarting, available until sunset.
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