7 Must Visit Attractions in Rameswaram

Rameswaram, located in Tamil Nadu, holds deep religious significance for Hindus and is revered as a major pilgrimage destination. It is closely associated with the Char Dham Yatra and is renowned for being the closest point to Sri Lanka. Exploring the significant sites of Rameswaram is essential during your visit. Before delving into these attractions, let’s explore the origin of its name.

According to the mythological epic Ramayana, Rameswaram is where Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva in the form of a linga to seek blessings for victory over the Lankan king and the return of his wife, Sita. The name Rameswaram derives from Rama Eswara, meaning 'Lord of Rama,' signifying Shiva, who is the presiding deity of Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple.

# Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple:

Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple, a renowned religious site in Rameswaram, is famous for housing 12 jyotirlingas and boasts the longest corridor adorned with sandstone pillars.

# Lakshmana Theertham:

Dedicated to Lord Rama's younger brother, Lakshmana Theertham features intricate interiors adorned with artistic miniatures and scriptures narrating the Ramayana. Adjacent to the temple lies a sacred pond where devotees perform ritualistic dips.

# Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple:

Among the spiritually enriching sites of Rameswaram is Panchmukhi Hanuman Temple, venerating Lord Hanuman in his rare five-headed form. Legend has it that the temple houses floating stones believed to have originated from Ram Setu, located 2 km from Sri Ramanathaswamy Temple.

# Villoondi Theertham:

Villoondi Theertham holds mythological significance in Rameswaram, revered as the spot where Lord Rama dipped his bow to fetch water for his consort, Sita. Locals refer to it as Buried Bow.

# Pamban Bridge:

Pamban Bridge, India's first sea bridge, connects Rameswaram Island with the mainland. Its bi-lane road offers panoramic views of the railway bridge and its impressive double-leaf bascule, allowing ships to pass beneath.

# Dhanushkodi Beach:

Situated at Rameswaram's southern tip, Dhanushkodi Beach is flanked by the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, where their tides converge. Once a bustling town until devastated by a cyclone in 1964, it is now known as the Ghost Town.

# Kalam National Memorial:

The Kalam National Memorial honors Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, India's former president and esteemed scientist. Housed in his former residence, the memorial-turned-museum showcases his life's work, missile replicas, details of the Pokhran Nuclear Test, and attracts visitors from around the globe.
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