5 Most Famous Root Bridges To Visit in Meghalaya

Nestled amidst the captivating natural landscapes of Meghalaya lies a remarkable feat of human ingenuity: the Living Root Bridges, crafted by the local Khasi tribe from the resilient roots of ancient rubber trees indigenous to the region. These organic structures, renowned for their durability even in the face of time and the relentless monsoon seasons, have proven to be more dependable than conventional concrete bridges.

According to Khasi tradition, the construction of a functional root bridge takes nearly 18 years, during which the roots gradually strengthen and grow more robust, with some bridges boasting an age exceeding a century. Surrounded by a tangled web of roots, these bridges exude an eerie yet enchanting aura, reminiscent of scenes from mystical woodlands straight out of folklore.

Accessing these living marvels entails embarking on treks of varying difficulty levels, contingent upon the terrain and one's physical condition. Adjacent to most tourist sites lie rustic resorts that complement the adventurous spirit of the journey, offering basic amenities amid rugged surroundings. Spanning rivers and adorned with natural pools, these bridges offer respite for weary travelers, although caution is advised against swimming during the monsoon season.

# Ummonoi Root Bridge

Regarded as the oldest and most magnificent living bridge in the vicinity, the trek to Ummonoi Root Bridge commences from Laitkynsew village, spanning approximately two hours, attracting a steady stream of visitors due to its accessibility.

# Umkar Root Bridge

Reserved for the physically fit, this bridge, although partially damaged by floods, is accessible from Siej village within a half-hour trek. Best visited during the monsoon season, it offers a short trek followed by relaxation near a nearby waterfall.

# Ritymmen Root Bridge

Located in Nongthymmai village, this double-decker wonder stands as the world's longest living root bridge, inviting trekkers to embark on an enchanting journey.

# Umshiang Root Bridge

Situated three kilometers from Tyrna village, this double-decker marvel involves a challenging descent of 2400 feet. Adequate preparation is essential for traversing the rugged terrain leading to this bridge.

# Mawsaw Root Bridge

Beyond Umshiana Root Bridge lies this double-decker gem, welcoming travelers with natural pools for unwinding after the trek.
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