10 Most Authentic Eateries To Try in India

India, a nation characterized by its diverse ethnicities, witnesses the celebration of festivals by various communities almost every month, totaling close to 130 days of festivity annually. With each festival comes a rich array of dishes, each prepared uniquely across different states, showcasing India's culinary diversity. It's no surprise that India has long been hailed as the gastronomical capital of the world. For food enthusiasts, planning a trip to India based on regions renowned for their culinary delights is highly recommended.

Our quest for authentic Indian cuisine led us through the bustling metropolises across the nation. Starting from the capital, New Delhi, to the southern hub of Chennai, we present India's top 10 authentic eateries:

# Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi

Having played host to foreign dignitaries, this restaurant consistently wows patrons with its Indian platter, featuring a tantalizing assortment of meats, lentils, and bread.

# Koh, Mumbai

Renowned for its innovative twist on Thai cuisine, Koh stands out as Mumbai's premier Thai dining destination.

# Travertino, The Oberoi, New Delhi

A haven for Italian cuisine enthusiasts, Travertino boasts an impressive wine cellar and tantalizing signature dishes like truffle specialties and tagliolini with pancetta.

# Zen, Leela Palace, Bangalore

Zen brings together the flavors of the entire Asian continent, offering a diverse menu featuring delicacies from Korea, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and Bali.

# Wasabi, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

At Wasabi, Japanese culinary mastery meets exquisite whisky pairings, showcasing the talents of gifted chefs alongside authentic Japanese beverages.

# Villa 39, Mumbai

Fusing Italian and Indian culinary traditions, Villa 39 offers a unique dining experience amidst Desi-European settings, complemented by delectable dishes.

# Karavali, Taj, Mumbai

Transporting diners to a traditional Mangalorean home, Karavali offers an authentic South Indian culinary journey amidst rustic wooden furnishings and antiques.

# Italia, The Park Hotel, Chennai

Helmed by renowned chefs Rajesh and Antonio Carluccio, Italia brings authentic Italian cuisine to Chennai, featuring specialties like baked asparagus and risotto paired with tiramisu and chicken.

# Wharf, Chennai

With a focus on fresh seafood, Wharf delights seafood aficionados with fish caught onsite, alongside tempting steak options for meat lovers.

# Sakura, The Metropolitan Hotel, New Delhi

Ranked among the top Japanese restaurants globally, Sakura offers reinvented traditional Japanese cuisine, sourcing premium ingredients directly from Japan for an unparalleled dining experience.
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