Breakfast Is A Good Foundation For A Good Day.

By: Pinki Mon, 03 July 2017 7:40:22

Breakfast is a good foundation for a good day.

Early in the morning usually we do not feel hungry as soon as we get up. And then we forget the hunger in our hurry to get ready and reach school or office in time. It is a bigger problem for the slow eaters, which most children are. Another reason is breakfast is considered less important because it is just a small meal. Therefore, even adults tend to skip it. Breakfast is a small meal but a very important one for the body.

Why do we need breakfast?

We need breakfast to really break the fast as the word itself suggest.There is a long gap of 7-8 hours after dinner. By, this time, the body has digested all the food and stomach is once again empty. During these eight hours the body has already up the glucose it received from the last meal. So, breakfast is really the push required by the body to start again. It is like fuelling the body & brain for the whole day`s journey.

What to eat for breakfast?

An ideal breakfast like any other meal should contain all nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals and fibre. Carbohydrates  gives energy, proteins gives strength & perks up the brain, vitamins and minerals keep the body healthy and protect it from diseases.

Make breakfast a habit

Our body adapts to whatever we do regularly. If breakfast is included in the daily schedule as an essential the body will get used to it. Set the time for breakfast right from infancy. It helps in good sleeping also.

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