Matchless Medicine Spice: Clove

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Matchless medicine spice: Clove

If pepper and cardamom are the king and queen of culinary spices respectively, clove can be called a master of medicinal spine unparalleled. Cloves are dried flower buds of tropical evergreen plant Syzygium aromaticum of Myrtaceae family that produces as many as 35 buds.

Nutrients composition -

Cloves contain some valuable oil and non-volatile ether extracts in appreciable amounts apart from having some essential vitamins and minerals. The content of carbohydrates is relatively higher than proteins. Traditional doctors use cloves to treat indigestion, diarrhea, hernia and ringworm.

Essential oil of clove is effective against strep and strep bacteria. It is a powerful antiseptic with a mild anesthetic.

Antioxidant Properties -
The role of antioxidants in the protection of food and promotion of robust health is well documented. An antioxidant is any substance capable of delaying retarding or preventing the rancidity.

Antioxidants play a pivotal role in disposing of the undesired, harmful free radicals. Free radicals are atoms or molecules which, due to their reaction with other electrons, destroy membranes, chromosomes and numerous other cellular organelles culminating in myriad degenerative disorders like cardiovascular diseases, cancer and premature ageing.

Clove is also used as a perfume for scenting soaps and as a cleaning agent in histological work. As a spice cloves will continue to be a highly reputed one. Since times gone by it is enjoying reputation.

In Europe and the USA, clove is used as a characteristic flavouring agent in Christmas holiday recipes such as wassail & minemeat.

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