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Lips Never Say…Lip Colors Do…….

By: Pinki Tue, 04 July 2017 5:24:18

What does your lip colors say about you:

1.    Red- Sensual, Aggressive & need to be centre for aggression.

2.    Pink- Romantic, Sensitive & dependent

3.    Brown- Practical, efficient & Reliable

4.    Orange- Whimsical, Childish & a bit of a dreamer.

5.    Purple- Iconoclastic, rebellious  & a bit of a tease.

6.    Maroon- Mature, stylish if a little old fashioned.

7.    Blue/Greens- Trendy, youthful & given to experimentation.

Just a dash of blood red or pink on your lips can`t only transform you into a glam doll but also make you appear considerably younger. The whole point of wearing make-up is to look your best and if you wish to look youthful too, the right shade of lipstick and rosy cheeks are all what you need.

According o recent research, due to ageing process the color of eyes, lips and eyebrows changes and the skin surrounding these areas becomes darker. Thus, when
you apply lipstick in richer hues of brown, red or pink you tend to look younger.

Just getting the right shade of lipstick isn`t  enough. Applying lipstick is an art and not a slapdash activity. Look at few tips -
1. Prime your lips with a good bae of foundation and powder to remove all color.

2. Outline your lips with a lip pencil, which should be the same shade or just a shade darker than your lipstick. Define the centre curve on the upper lip with two precise strokes.

3. Continue the line of the upper lip, keeping your mouth closed and relaxed. Use short strokes, as they are easier, than a continuous line on the lower lip. Work from the centre to corners.

4. Work some lipstick into a brush and fill the outline of the lips. Work gradually towards the outline; don`t cover it with lipstick.

5. Open your mouth wide and brush the color into the corners so that there are no unfinished edges. Blot with a tissue paper. Touch up with some more color.

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