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Travelling Beauty Emergency Cosmetic Kit

By: Sandeep Sun, 17 Sept 2017 10:15:32

Travelling Beauty Emergency Cosmetic Kit

Looking good and to be in great mood are the most important things during the trip. But your great mood could be easily spoiled if you look into the mirror and see a tired face, with bags under your eyes. So, remember always that when you will on the road, always keep `Emergency Cosmetic Kit` with you. Here are some suggestions:


During a trip. It is essential to clean your face from impurities that lead to clogged pores, which can further lead to break-outs. So, always carry a cleanser and several cotton pads.


If you are travelling by car with an air-conditioner, there is a huge probability that your skin will become dehydrated & therefore dull and dry. So during the trip drink a lot of water.

Hand sanitizer-

Being on the road means not always having access to a shower or even running water in some cases. So a quite unexpected replenishment in my `Emergency Cosmetic Kit` is an effective hand sanitizer.


Coconut oil & tea tree essential oil are saviors on the road from bad smells. You can use them directly under arms as deodorants. They attack the bacteria found in sweat that cause bad smells.

Healthy Snack-

Have some nuts and fruit or vegetables salads on the way. They are not heavy, so that allows you to take them everywhere with you. They are very yummy & certainly healthy.

Zip-Top bags-

It`s smart to bring extra zip-top bags for anything you buy on the road. Enclose anything that could potentially leak in its own zip-top bag.

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