Fighting The Common Cold, These 9 Points Keep In Mind

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Fighting the Common Cold, these 9 points keep in mind

Colds are caused by viruses. Colds can be several types. A cold which develops in the nose is called `Rhinitus` , the one which develops around the sinus is called `Sinusitis`, in tonsils `tonsillitis` and in the pharynx it is referred to as `Pharyncitis`.
The best ways of preventing common cold are following-

1. If Someone around you have a bad cold, try and keep the windows open so that a lot of fresh air comes in and disperses the virus.

2. AC rooms are bad not only because they are colder but also because the AC recycles virus-filled air.

3. Colds are spread by droplet infection, so avoid exposure. Also, minimize exposure to crowds.

4. Use an insect repellent when you are outdoors.

5. Use a disposable tissue. A handkerchief keeps your hands perpetually contaminated.

6. Wash your hands regularly, and keep them away from your nose and eyes. Use sanitizers or gels to keep them clean.

7. After washing your hands, use a moisturizer.

8. If you are infected with cold, don`t spread it by shaking hands with people.

9. Increase your intake of ginger and garlic.

Even though there lot of advancements in technology and medicines, there has been no cure for common cold. It is impossible to build immunity against colds or create a vaccine against them because colds are not caused by a single virus. These viruses change and combine cleverly all the time, because of which the researchers are not able to develop a remedy for them.

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