5 Amazing Benefits Of Yoga

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5 Amazing Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest holistic health care system in existence, focusing on both the mind and the body. In the practice of Yoga, we join and integrate the mind, body and spirit into one aligned unit. Yoga is a teaching that is strongly grounded in physiological reality.

Reconnect the Body & Mind
Through the practice of yoga postures and breath work, you can reconnect your body and mind and discover your spirit. You can become whole and regain an intimate knowledge of your real self. Yoga is the art of listening to all parts of your Self.

Spiritual Discipline
This ancient practice is a spiritual discipline with a code of ethics towards, yourself and others. It is not a religion. It is a system for discovering and developing the true self, an ancient method of pshychotherapy.  In the Classic text, Yoga Sutra, the spiritual path of yoga is laid out like a roadmap with discussion of the mental, physical and psychological benefits.

Increase Flexibility
Yoga practice usually consists of a series of poses that are held for varying amounts of time. Many of these poses are challenging and require stretching.
After just a couple of sessions, people will notice that they can stretch farther. They will notice that they also find the movement in daily life much easier and more fluid & that they are less stiff.

Detoxification of the body
Yoga is said to aid in detoxification of the body as many of the poses stimulate blood flow to the different organs, flushing out toxins. It also emphasizes breathing techniques which increases oxygenation of the body. Some of the poses also stimulate the digestive tract, improving digestion.

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