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25 Vastu Tips You Can Follow To Get Pregnant

By: Pinki Wed, 23 Dec 2020 9:56 PM

25 Vastu Tips You Can Follow To Get Pregnant

Pregnancy is an important phase in a woman’s life catapulting the couple towards parenthood. However, a lot of couples face difficulty in conceiving owing to female infertility or male infertility causes. The worst is when the medical cause is unknown (unexplained infertility) and even the doctor keeps throwing darts in the dark. At such times, it is only natural to find solace in our ancient sciences like Vastu, astrology, energy and crystal healing. In this article we bring 25 vastu tips for infertility.

# You must put picture of happy babies in your bedroom.

# Don’t sleep under the beam

# Chose master bedroom in southwest direction as this direction will boost romance and fertility in your life.

# Keep your head towards south direction

# Put laughing Buddha with babies in your bedroom

# Grow some fruit tree in south-west direction in your back yard and garden.

# When you are trying to conceive, avoid any construction or renovation work in your home.

# Clean your main entrance door on regularly basis.

# Remove all clutter which might block your main entrance door.

# Enhance the west corner of your bedroom

# Place a pair of elephant pictures with trunks down in your bedroom as elephants are associated with pregnancy.

# Remove all clutter under the bed.

# Enhance your west or northwest area with metal decoration item.

# Put fresh flowers in your bedroom to enhance positive energy in your bedroom

# Increase your fertility luck by having a picture or symbol of pomegranate in your bedroom.

# Don’t put any water bodies in your bedroom.

# Don’t put any indoor plant in your bedroom.

# Hang a crystal in the children’s area (west direction)

# Use light color in your bedroom.

# If you have bedroom in southeast direction then change it to southwest or northwest.

# Avoid painting of crying girl, violence and wild animals in your bedroom.

# Put Rose Quartz crystal in your bedroom.

# Sleep on the left side of your husband.

# If you have attached toilet in your bed room then close the door tightly when not in use.

# Remove mirror from your bedroom.

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