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5 Effective Vastu Tips To Follow For Pregnancy

By: Pinki Wed, 01 July 2020 9:08:51

5 Effective Vastu Tips To Follow For Pregnancy

Presence of positive energy is important for women during pregnancy or conceiving as any wrong decision on their end could even make couple childless or bearing persistent misfortunes. Pregnancy is an esoteric experience and privilege that only women enjoy; while wishing for a healthy baby is common thinking.

A Vastu compliant house not only yields good and positive results but indeed help women to deliver healthy offspring. Pregnant women must consider some significant tips of Vastu so as to give timely birth to child and to avoid unnecessary problems. For the expectant mothers, nine months’ period can be extremely overwhelming and surprising. It is believed that apart from taking a gynecologist’s advice into consideration, certain simple Divine Vastu tips can also be followed to bear a healthy child.

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* Single women should take the room in the North-West as first option if they are looking to get married. This particular direction is ruled by the element ‘Air’ and planet ‘Moon’ and has qualities related to change and transformation. As a second option they can use South-Eastern room (‘Fire’ element and ruling planet ‘Venus’). Keeping a henna plant, fresh flowers and hanging wind chimes can further improve the chances of early marriage.

* To avoid any problem during pregnancy, the women should sleep in South-Western bedroom or as a second choice in North-Eastern room. They should never sleep in North-Western room during the pregnancy.

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* Expecting mothers must avoid wearing dark or shiny colors such as dark red, black, and orange and go for subtle colors such as pastel green, blue, yellow and white.

* Women expecting a baby must never sit in rooms, which are dark and bleak which can lead to depression; there should always be some light in the rooms.

* According to Vastu Shastra, a staircase in the exact center of the house may lead to health problems for pregnant women, so take care to get the stairs away from this zone.

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