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5 Vastu Tips That Pregnant Woman Should Follow

By: Pinki Mon, 22 Apr 2019 11:55:00

5 Vastu Tips That Pregnant Woman Should Follow

Motherhood completes the life of a woman. It is indeed one of the best gifts that life offers to her. The 9-month period of pregnancy remains the most wonderful and exciting journey for a woman. Her body goes through a lot of changes and she gets mentally prepared to shoulder the most privileged responsibility bestowed upon her by God- to nurture a child.

* Pregnancy is a period when women need utmost care, love and attention. Vastu experts feel that besides seeking medical care, following a few Vastu rules helps to deliver a healthy baby and also makes sure that the entire pregnancy period is free of any kind of complication both for the baby and the mother.

* Couples who are planning to have a baby should choose to stay in the south east corner of the house. When a woman conceives, she should stay in the north east direction till the baby is born. If it is not possible then she should try to spend maximum time in the north east zone of the house. Even after the baby is born, the couple should live in the north eastern corner of the house.

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* Pregnant women should avoid staying in the south eastern direction of the house. It has been proven that overheat causes harm to the unborn baby. Anything that increases temperature of the body can be harmful both for the baby and mother-to-be.

* The body temperature of an expectant mother tends to be on the higher side so care should be taken that her body is not overheated due to any external factor. Simple things like using an electronic device, performing strenuous exercises in a hot condition or taking a very hot bath may cause the body to overheat and as a result harm the fetus. Therefore, it is essential that a pregnant woman limits the use of electronic devices such as television, micro-oven, laptop and smart phones to name a few that emit electro-magnetic radiations.

* She should also avoid all the activities that result in the excessive heating of her body. A pregnant woman should stay in the north-east corner of the house for at least the first three months of conceiving. North East zone is the source of beneficial positive energies.

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