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5 Vastu Tips To Follow For Building New House

By: Sandeep Mon, 08 Jan 2018 12:52:22

5 Vastu Tips To Follow For Building new House

In the present day, the number of Vaastu experts in our country is increasing day by day. They strongly differ the opinions on what rules and principles one must follow to ensure Vaastu Shastra compliance. Some of the best tips of Vastu if you are looking to construct a new house-

* Pre-construction

It is recommended that one performs a Bhumi Pooja before starting the house construction. This is considered an auspicious beginning and heralds a good start to the proceedings.

* Entrance of house

East is the most auspicious direction for the entrance of a home. This is because the sun rises in the east and is said to bring in positive energy and light into the household. The other acceptable direction that the house entrance can face is towards the North East.

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* Kitchen location

The South-East corner of the house is the most ideal one for the kitchen's location and cooking supposedly should be done while facing the East. However, please bear in mind that the kitchen should not be located directly in front of the main door of the house.

* Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom should be located at the South West corner of an East-facing home. From our perspective, if you follow (2) and (3), you will ensure that you can sleep soundly without having to let the aroma or the noise accompanying the cooking to wake you up. Square and rectangular shaped bedrooms are recommended, so that you can leave the avant-garde construction to the other sections of the house.

* Toilet location

The toilet location is another vital aspect, both from the perspective of Vaastu as well as from a general health and aesthetics angle. Toilets are to be located in the North-West corner of the building or the North-West corner of the rooms. If this is not possible, South East toilets are allowed. It is also recommended that the toilets, kitchen and Pooja room in the house should not be adjacent to each other.

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