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Girls! Make Your Man Fall For You According To Your Sunsign

By: Pinki Sat, 28 Oct 2017 2:20 PM

Girls! Make Your Man Fall For You According To your Sunsign

Finding true love is a tricky one how do we know that we're making all the right moves? We can spend hours laying awake at night wondering, "But does he actually like me?” The best way you can edge your bets and have romantic success is by always keeping a few tricks up your sleeve. Astrology has been around since ancient times and the more we learn about it, the better we can begin to understand each other.

First things first, you need to find out what sign your date falls under then the rest will just play into your hands. Following these simple dating hacks based on our knowledge of astrology will tap into his inner desires and have him falling for you like crazy.

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# Aries

Aries men are outgoing, compassionate and very flirtatious. They are bored of women falling straight into their lap and need someone who will keep them on their toes. This is not to be mistaken with rejection as an Aries man has a very fragile ego. Instead let him do all the chasing. It will all be worth it when he finally knows he can have his star prize and that's you.

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# Taurus

Taurus men love a feminine women who has great taste. Now is the time to swot up on wine tasting notes and art because a woman who is refined is exactly who he is looking for. Don't be fake though, if you genuinely don't know which cheese pairs with a glass of merlot then simply ask him – he will be delighted to tell you. In fact, the more questions the better for a Taurus man as they love flaunting their own intellect.

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# Gemini

If you're chasing a Gemini man then you better have the stamina to keep up as these guys enjoy life in the fast lane. The best way to make him obsessed with you is to enjoy being spontaneous. Stay away from having a fixed routine every evening and weekend keep it spiced up. Like we said you're going to need a ton of energy.

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# Cancer

When a cancer man falls in love it's with all his heart. The person he needs in his life is someone he can trust wholly, respects him and would never hurt his feelings. They are so sensitive and will remember everything you said, every single world, so be careful if you have a bad habit of revealing your dark side quite early on. He admires honesty over anything else, but too much honesty, like revealing you have cheated before, can guarantee you will never see him again.

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# Leo

One way to keep a Leo happy is to adore them. They enjoy being the centre of attention and will compete with almost anyone for the limelight. If you can come to terms with the fact that you will always need to keep the spotlight on them then this should be easy.

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# Virgo

A Virgo man doesn't like to be pushed into a relationship, they prefer to take things slow and figure out the pace all for themselves. Some call this mysterious but for others it can be frustrating. Don't go overboard on the first date, instead play it cool as the less he thinks you're pushing him into a relationship the more he will like you.

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# Libra

Catching a Libra man is a seriously hard task as they don't need to be in a relationship – they are happy just staying single. You will be able to spot a Libra man a mile off as he will be the last one in his friendship group to settle down. This is where you will have to be on your A-game and show him what a catch you really are. He is a free spirit and enjoys live music or comedy gigs, so grab a couple of tickets for a show and take him along.

love,sunsign,true love,astrology

# Scorpio

If you want to be on the mind of a Scorpio man all the time then leave an air of mystery about yourself. Scorpios like to be challenged and you should present yourself like a tricky puzzle he has to work out. You don't have to be dishonest, just make sure you keep your cards close to your chest. If we wants to meet on Thursday, say you're busy and suggest a different day – he will go crazy wondering about what you're up to without him.

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# Sagittarius

You will find that a true Sagittarius man loves to travel. A great date idea for anyone who falls under this sign is simply just getting out of town. Book train tickets, head off to the next city and do plenty of exploring together. As long as they are seeing new places and experiencing new things they are happy.

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# Capricorn

Capricorn men are very easy going but prefer to stay in, hang out with friends or quiet venues. They are not into loud busy clubs or restaurants, so throw that idea away before you consider a Capricorn. This sign often very career driven and will work hard at whatever they do. Often working in positions of power, this sign is very level headed and calm but succeed in positions of power.

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# Aquarius

An aquarius man loves his alone time, so dating is going to be slow-paced at first and it is best if you don't suggest hanging out more than once a week. They are really difficult to read on first impressions but just know that if he's arranged another day to meet you then he's head over heels – an aquarius man doesn't like putting effort into things that are going nowhere.

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# Pisces

Pisces men are a difficult one, they strive for success so they will always put their work first. The easiest way to get him on your side is by complimenting his work-related skills. For example, if he works in finance then hold a dinner party at your house and invite some friends in the same professional field. He enjoys being around people who he believes will help him in life instead of holding him back.

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