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Slippers Worn At These 4 Places Brings Bad Luck

By: Pinki Fri, 29 Sept 2017 3:58 PM

Slippers Worn at These 4 Places Brings Bad Luck

Our mythology says, shoes or slippers goes through many dirt and dust and thus are not considered pure. So, wearing shoes at these places is considered as a sin, and still if we wear them then they bring bad luck. Those 5 places are-

# Temple

Entering temple premises, footwear on makes God angry. So never forget to put them off before going in temple.

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# Near Vault

Vault is the secret place of every house. It is where we keep our jewelry, and money safe. And it is also worshiped on special occasion, so wearing footwear near this place is considered bad.

# Kitchen

Both food and fire are worshiped, so wearing footwear in that area is considered wrong. By doing we make these two god angry.

# Holy River

To maintain the purity of the holy river and to keep the water portable, footwear's should be kept away.

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