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Valentines Special- 5 Vastu Tips For Married Couples

By: Sandeep Sun, 11 Feb 2018 5:02:32

Valentines Special- 5 Vastu Tips For Married Couples

Everybody wants that their family life is happy and satisfied. The happiness of married couple is based on the love and affection between them. When this love starts getting affected, it is not only going to disturb their relationship but also their dependent and personally may show on their professional and social life.

Therefore, whenever the issues and differences start interfering with close between husband and wife, the married couple needs to work out to take care of the issues rather than accusing each other. Along with their efforts if they use the astrological solutions, they will soon be able to overcome all the difficulties.

* The bedroom should be in the southwest or northwest direction, as this will ensure love and understanding. Couples should ensure that when they sleep their heads are towards the south. This will help them benefit from the positive energies that flow in from the north.

* A good sleep is very essential for a healthy mind, and beds made of wood are considered the best for maximum comfort. A bed without any glass fittings is considered better, according to Vastu. Also, it is important that couples sleep on a single mattress, as it instills harmony and positivity in marital life.

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* Colors like light blue, soft green, and rose pink on the bedroom walls will not only make the room look larger and brighter, but will also give a relaxing and peaceful feeling. It will also help improve bonding and understanding among couples.

* It is considered inauspicious to have a beam crossing over the bed, as it will have a negative impact on the health of the couple, and hence it should be avoided.

* According to Vastu studies, mirrors have the capacity to attract both positive and negative energies, depending on the place where they are kept. Mirrors kept opposite to the bed are not good, as this can cause health problems for those who lie there. It is best to avoid mirrors in the bedroom, but if unavoidable they should at least be kept covered at night.

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