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Vastu Tips For Basement To Ward Off Negative Enegry From House

By: Pinki Tue, 23 Feb 2021 5:54 PM

Vastu Tips For Basement To Ward off Negative Enegry From House

To make a happy house, we should focus on each part of the house. A Vastu compliant house is possible when you design your house in a way where the Vastu guidelines have been followed religiously from basement to terrace. We want to use as much space as possible in our house to avoid space scarcity or constraint in our house. Although as per Vastu Shastra it is not advisable to have a basement under the house but as it’s a need of hour then we can use a few tips about Vastu for basement. Vastu for basement allows you to live a happy life.

Since energy revolves around us every time so the basement cannot be untouched from this energy. The energy around us can be positive or negative. If your house has any Vastu defect, the energy behaves in a negative way whereas a Vastu compliant house molds this energy into a positive one. Any Vastu Dosh interrupts the flow of energy and brings negative results. So by removing these Vastu defects, we can keep this energy in its positive form.

As a reliable Vastu consultant, Saral Vaastu explains the energy flow in an easy way. The energy we are encircled with is known as Cosmic Energy. This energy flows in a definite direction. Any obstruction in the flow can cause many life-related problems in health, wealth, career, business, job, marriage, relationship etc. To avoid these situations, we need to ensure that energy should only flow in an uninterrupted way. This happens when we follow our favourable direction.

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# North and East part of the house is the best portion to build a Basement.

# North and East part should have enough open space than the West and South.

# As per Basement Vastu, it is not for living or residential purpose so use it for other purposes than living.

# According to Vastu for basement, it should be built only under a part of the house, not under an entire house.

# Interiors of a basement should be made as per Vastu guidelines.

# Basements are only good for using as an office or storage purpose.

# South and West part of the basement is best for heavy furniture.

# Remember that the shape of a basement should be regular shaped like a square or rectangular.

# Irregular shaped basement creates finance & health related issues in life.

# Water tank in the basement should be located in the North-East, North-West, East or North direction.

# If the water tank is placed other than these directions, then it causes health and financial problems to the owner.

# Always keep light objects in the North-East direction. Do not place heavy objects in this direction.

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