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Wonders Will Be Created By A Trick Of Asafetida(hing), Luck Will Change

By: Pinki Thu, 14 Sept 2017 6:16:29

Wonders will be created by a trick of asafetida(hing), luck will change

You may have seen many experiments for adversity in planets according to astrology and Vedic scriptures, but we are telling you that in your kitchen all the time, such tricks of asparagus can also change your fate. If they are tried with confidence, then they can change the destiny and picture of any person.

# To remove the negative energy of the house, add 5 grams asafoetida, 5 grams of camphor and 5 grams of black pepper to powder and then pour the powder Make equal amounts of balls. Now, these balls distributed in two equal parts. Burn one part in the morning and the other at home in the evening. In such a way, for three consecutive days, the house gets bad eyesight and if there is some bad power in the house then it also goes away.

# When you are going out of the house with some special work, keep one gram asafoetida in your right hand and eat it after Shree Shree pronunciation. After eating asafoetida, step out of the house, but keep in mind that when you leave home, do not look back at home. It says that by doing this, the work you are going out of it becomes.

# If you are going out of any important work, then throw it in your north by boiling it, then see the miracle. All the work will start to grow. This measure will be successful in every case.

# To avoid any kind of tantric side effects, start rinse with asafoetida. Especially if you do this on Holi day then it will be very effective. If rinse is done for two months then the effect of all types of totke will be over.

# Asafoetida can be a trick to get rid of debt for the person of any amount. Bath with asafoetida or add one ball of asafetida in the water and dissolve it, then after taking a bath with that water all problem will be solved. Apart from this, you can also donate red lentil pulses

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