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4 Natural Ways To Treat Vaginal Acne

By: Kratika Sat, 29 Oct 2022 4:09:23

4 Natural Ways to Treat Vaginal Acne

Once in some time whilst you sweep your quit your girl components you sense an unpleasant bump and gasp! You poke it or maybe worse, squeeze the existence out of it however ache deters you from proceeding. If this situation appears acquainted to you, then you definitely do realize that we're speaking approximately vaginal zits.

Although the circumstance may be bit troublesome, it isn’t risky to health. Often the acne at the vagina disappear in a week’s time.

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# Keep Irritants Away

Be mindful about what you do with your body and this includes your genitals too. If you use perfumed soaps, deo, or creams around your genital, stop that right away. Even using fragrant detergents to wash undergarments can trigger an allergy. Clean up after you have intercourse as remnants of semen could foster not only acne but also vaginal infections.

Prefer waxing over shaving. Wear clean and breathable undergarments that are made of cotton. Synthetic fabrics are notorious for trapping sweat and aggravating the infection.

natural ways to treat vaginal acne,beauty tips,beauty hacks

# Follow Hygiene To The T

Don’t compromise with maintaining hygiene of intimate areas at any cost. Regardless of your activity levels, you need to keep your lady parts clean and free from trapped moisture or sweat. Bacteria and fungi love to breed in the cold and dark corners of your body like your vagina.

Wash your genital area daily with warm water. Soap is not required but if you really want to use one, go for an extremely mild one that doesn’t affect the pH of the vagina. Change your tampons or sanitary napkins every 4 hours during your period and avoid douching.

natural ways to treat vaginal acne,beauty tips,beauty hacks

# Never Squeeze Vaginal Pimples

Pretty much like pimples on the face, squeezing one on the vagina is the best way to spread the infection to deeper tissues. In fact, it even increases the chances of recurrence of a pimple. The best thing to do is to let your immunity work at destroying the zit by itself. All you’ve got to do is wait.

natural ways to treat vaginal acne,beauty tips,beauty hacks

# Try Heat Therapy

Applying heat using a warm towel is a good way to inhibit bacterial growth. Just use a clean towel soaked in lukewarm water for the purpose. Ensure that you wring it well before keeping it on the pimple. To enhance the antibacterial activity add a teaspoon to turmeric and salt to the warm water.

If a pimple is too painful or limiting you from moving about, it’s best to consult a gynecologist without delay. Vaginal pimples are nothing to freak about. You just have to follow the steps above to prevent them or manage them.

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