4 Tips To Care For Curly Hair

By: Pinki Wed, 06 Nov 2019 00:20:00

4 Tips To Care For Curly Hair

Curly hair maintenance can be tedious. Other than eating the right foods and using the right hair care products, taking care of your curls is tiring and troublesome. But they make you look pretty and fabulous whenever you flaunt those ringlets. A pre-tip – Before bed, wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf to keep it smooth and tangle free. Read on for some more popular curly hair tips.

* Shampoo & Moisturize

If you have curly hair, shampooing your hair more than 2 times a week can damage it permanently. It will drain it off the natural oils and make it rigid and lifeless. Whenever you shampoo, remember to use a good conditioner or moisturiser for your hair. This will help retain your curls even after they dry naturally. Tip- Use shampoos and conditioners that are made especially for curly hair since they will have added benefits for your hair type.

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* Right Combs

When combing, pick the right size of teeth. Curly hair is best suited for a wide tooth comb so as to not get entangled and damage your hair from the roots. A fine-toothed will get stuck in your curls and be difficult to use. Do not use brushes on your hair as they are rough and break your hair easily increasing chances of hair fall.

* Fewer Products

Use fewer hair styling products to keep your hair damage free longer. Using hair straighteners, curlers, and other chemical products continuously affects the health of your hair. And if you need to use them, look for products that have natural ingredients and oils

* Drying Process

When drying your hair after a wash, do not rub a towel roughly on your curls. This will make them break and fall more since they have just been washed. Instead, opt for pressing your hair with a soft t-shirt or towel to absorb as much as water as possible. Let them dry naturally for best-looking curls.

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