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4 Trending Lip Shades For Girls With Thin Lips

By: Pinki Mon, 21 May 2018 12:46:28

4 Trending Lip Shades for Girls With Thin Lips

Lips are always an attractive feature in your visage. So why not accentuate them with the most apt makeup? For people who have trouble with lips that look too thin and wouldn’t mind a little voluptiousness, there are some lip shades that can do the deed. It is said that dark and bright colours do not look good on thin lips. They make your lip appear slimmer. Always choose soft and light color for such a lip shape. Avoid using deep shades like red, purple or brown. So if your lips are too thin, then these 4 shades will enhance its beauty to 200 percent.

* Light pink

Bright pink does not look good on every lips. But light pink will fulfill your love for this colour. You can carry it on every occasion. These lip colors will make your lips look beautiful and stylish. If you are going to a party, try this light shade and do dark eye makeup.

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* Peach

This colour is good if you want to opt for a shade in the light colour palatte but go for a brighter look. This will look good with every look At every moment you can carry it Glamorous look This is a versatile option.

* Nude

These lip colors resonate on everyone. This shade is the perfect option for office and college going ladies. If you are looking for a shade in the light colour, which will give you a minimal look. Choose glossy or matte according to what you like.

* Light Beige

Dusky or fair, beige doesn’t go with every skin tone. Yes, it will be a lighter if you are going for a night party. But this is a perfect option for a simple party or an house party. For the night party, you can go for peach or light pink.

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