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4 Ways To Keep Your Hair Problem Free

By: Pinki Tue, 12 June 2018 12:32:40

4 Ways To Keep Your Hair Problem Free

Though you love to flaunt your tresses, you often don’t care about it when compared to your skin. Whether or not you are blessed with naturally good hair, you still need to maintain it. Certain hair products remain on our hair even after the wash, which increases the hair damage. Hairloss is also done by pollution and dust. Avoid using chemical based products and tools in hair. Detoxify the hair. This will keep your child free of problems.

* Keep the scalp clean

Wash your hair at least two to three times a week. Opt for a chemical-free shampoo. Also, do not apply shampoo directly on the scalp. Mix some water with the shampoo and then apply on your head. Rinse well.

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* Keep your hair away from heating tools

Heating tools make our life easier as it sets our hair perfectly. But one must try to avoid hot ironing, curling or blow dry as much as possible. They cause harm our hair and also leads to hair fall. Use them only when they are important, that too at medium heat. However, if you must, make sure you apply a heat protector before that.

* Moisturize

Hair also requires moisturizing. So make sure to moisturize your hair before hair wash. For this, massage your hair with oil before shampooing for 15 minutes. Use zeramine oil for shiny hair, coconut oil for soft hair and geranium oil for straight hair.

* Give deep hair treatment once a week

Hair cuticles are made of protein cells called Keratin, which protects our hair as these cells are affected by sunlight and pollution. So once a week the hair requires deep protein treatment. This will give the hair extra protection and nourishment.

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