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5 Amazing Benefits Of Using Sandalwood For Skin

By: Pinki Mon, 17 Sept 2018 10:13:30

5 Amazing Benefits of Using Sandalwood For Skin

Commonly known as Chandan, sandalwood is nature’s gift to us as it proves to be an excellent ingredient for skin care. It can be applied to your face by making a paste of sandalwood powder, turmeric, and rose water. It offers various beauty benefits. Here are a few of them.

* Prevents Pimples And Heals Acne

Sandalwood has cooling properties thus, it curbs skin inflammation and prevents breakouts. It is also anti-bacterial in nature as a result of which it effectively fights fungi and bacteria. This keeps the skin clean and away from infections. It helps in attaining an even complexion.

* Glowing Skin

Its natural ingredients effectively clear your skin and lend it a healthy glow. It is known for deep cleansing of the skin, getting rid of all its impurities.

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* Prevents Sweating

Sweat ends making your make-up look cakey and that isn’t a pretty sight, is it now? To keep sweat away, apply Chandan to your face every day and you’ll notice that your face becomes less sweaty and oily.

* Itch Relief

Having a clean and spotless skin feels like an absolute bliss. However, clear skin too may have its own issues. Skin rashes and itching cause irritation. Mix sandalwood powder with lime juice to get rid of the itching. The cooling properties of sandalwood provide relief and help in getting rid of the rashes. It subsides inflammation and redness within thirty minutes.

* Tightens Pores

If you feel like your skin is losing its texture, apply Chandan to your face. This will tighten your pores, shut any open pores and prevent early aging of the skin. This will also decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

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