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5 Baby Products That Are Very Good For Your Skin

By: Pinki Wed, 06 Nov 2019 10:39:06

5 Baby Products That are Very Good For Your Skin

Who said those baby products are only meant for babies? Go ahead and avail yourself of the tremendous beauty benefits that certain infant products offer. While certain adult beauty goods can be harsh on your skin, baby products promise to be soft and gentle as they are specifically designed for baby skin which is exceptionally sensitive. Here are a few baby products you can incorporate into your beauty regime.

* Baby Oil

Tired of rubbing your skin hard while taking off water-proof make-up? Stubborn products like mascara can be quite taxing to get rid off. In the process of getting off your makeup, you may end up being too harsh on your skin and pluck out a lash or two while taking off your liner and mascara. Baby oil graciously comes to your rescue here. Rich in mineral oils, it also proves to be an excellent skin moisturiser without clogging your pores.

* Baby Powder

If you are having a bad hair day and you want to achieve silky smooth hair by getting rid of the frizz, you should rub some baby powder along the lengths of your hair. You’ll notice that your hair instantly gains back it bounce. Furthermore, baby powder can be applied to your underarms to avoid excess sweat.

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* Baby Wipes

There is a vast variety of wet wipes in the market. However, baby wipes hoard jojoba oil content which is good for your skin and helps it glow. You can remove your make-up with these or simply clean your face when exposed to dirt and pollution. They instantly make you feel fresh!

* Baby Soap

We all love those princess or lion and elephant shaped Doy Care soaps, don’t we? Their cute appearance and mild fragrance make them worth buying. Not only Doy but various other brands like Johnson and Johnson’s offer soap products which are rich in milk content and are extremely gentle on the skin. Those with sensitive skin should undoubtedly opt for these

* Baby Lotion

Many body lotions tend to give out an exceptionally strong sweet fragrance which can end up hurting your head. Unlike most body moisturisers, baby lotions are non-greasy and extremely hydrating. You should definitely give these a go!

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