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5 Beauty Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil For Skin

By: Pinki Thu, 12 Dec 2019 10:28:25

5 Beauty Benefits of Using Coconut Oil For Skin

There is no doubt coconut oil is one of the most versatile ingredients and a household favorite. This do-it-all ingredient has all the qualities of an enchanted elixir. It has incredible medicinal properties and also helps in weight loss as well as skin and hair care. It has been used as a beauty essential in the Asian and Pacific regions for centuries. Coconut oil can replace so many of your expensive store bought beauty products, you will be amazed at the limitless uses of this nifty element. We are going to tell you 5 most creative but effective ways you can incorporate coconut oil into your daily regime. This will prove that coconut oil does not only deserve a place in your kitchen but also on your dressing table.

* Body Lotion

Go ahead, generously apply coconut after a shower, it works wonders as a moisturizer. Coconut oil is a vanity essential as you will not find a better hydrating product than this. Yes, it gets a little greasy at first but once you rub it, the oil will slowly seep into your pores. Not to mention, it leaves behind a delightful tropical smell and you can also mix a little lavender or peppermint oil to give it a customized aroma.

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* Eye Makeup Remover

Eye makeup is generally the most stubborn and icky to remove. Coconut oil is the fabulous solution to all your eye makeup hitches. It removes even the waterproof liners and mascaras smoothly and evenly without leaving behind an itchy or burning sensation. To top it off, unlike other makeup removers coconut oil hydrates the sensitive skin around the eyes and also helps get rid of under eyes. Take a dab of oil in a cotton ball and wipe across your face and then rinse with cool water.

* Lip Balm

Tried and tested. Coconut oil makes for a great lip balm because of its moisturizing and hydrating properties. In fact, you can mix lipstick with coconut oil and voila, you got an all-rounder product!

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* For shaving

Who says all shaving bases have to lather for a good shave? Coconut oil will leave you with a better shave than most shaving creams. It’s the ideal solution for an emergency hair removal session (don’t we all have those?). Coconut oil will allow your razor to glide across your skin giving you a smoother and a super close shave. The bonus of using coconut oil is that unlike most shaving creams it will leave your skin hydrated long after you leave the bath and the antioxidants will prevent your skin from turning darker.

* Use it on your Cuticles

We have all been a victim to the painful hangnail. But no more, applying coconut oil on the nail and slowly push it back into position and let it dry. This will not only strengthen but also hydrate your delicate cuticles, giving your hands a youthful glow. Another benefit of applying coconut oil is that it makes your manicures last long, so no more chipped nail polish!

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