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5 Benefits Of Using Sunscreen During Winters

By: Kratika Tue, 24 Jan 2023 4:00:11

5 Benefits of Using Sunscreen During Winters

Do you often assume that during the winter month, it is absolutely ‘OK’ to skimp on sunscreen because you barely see the sun?

However, scientists have a piece of alarming advice regarding the same. Research published in The Archives of Dermatology demonstrated that there is a need for sunscreen and protective clothing for sun safety in winter. This study further explains that the UV rays are still intense during cold weather conditions, which may cause serious damage to your skin.

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# Intense UVA/UVB rays

Sun emits UV radiation in two forms: UVA rays and UVB rays. It is important to acknowledge that even though UVB rays are not a big concern for your skin in winter, UVA rays remain constant all year long and can easily perforate through clouds, fog, glass, etc. Therefore, it can very likely damage your skin during winter if your skin is not shielded properly.

The main damage that UVA rays can cause to your skin is hyperpigmentation, skin cancer, early aging, etc. Furthermore, you should wear sun-protective clothing followed by sunscreen application.

benefits of using sunscreen during winters,beauty tips,beauty hacks

# Low moisture levels

As winters arrive, it brings a natural drop in humidity level, which causes low moisture levels. The repercussions of low humidity and cold temperature can cause your skin to shrink and crack, subsequently leading to the appearance of creases and folds on the skin.

Before heading out, you should apply sunscreen on your face, neck, and hands to prevent the dryness of your skin. Antioxidants and mineral ingredients like Zinc oxide and Physalis Angulata Extract present in sunscreen help to soothe your skin.

benefits of using sunscreen during winters,beauty tips,beauty hacks

# Thinning and depletion of the ozone layer

Did You Know - The ozone layer is known as “natural sunscreen” for the earth. It filters out harmful UV rays.

However, it has come to attention for a few years, that earth’s ozone layer is gradually thinning and depleting due to industrial and other human activities. Impliedly this will lead to higher UVB levels. In addition, the risk factor of receiving various skin problems due to the thinning of the earth’s ozone has vastly increased. Therefore, the necessity to apply sunscreen on your skin every day throughout the year has increased.

benefits of using sunscreen during winters,beauty tips,beauty hacks

# Sun rays through glass

Even if you curl inside the blanket and enjoy the cozy days inside your house, still you are not safe from sun damage. A research study published by The Canadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE) has demonstrated the scattering and absorption of UV radiation through glass material. It has been found that glass can easily filter out UVB rays; it still can’t hinder UVA rays from passing through the glass of your car or house windows, which results in the aftermath of rays penetrating and infiltrating your skin. The constant penetration of UVA rays into your skin through the medium of glass can cause serious damage to it.

benefits of using sunscreen during winters,beauty tips,beauty hacks

# Snow reflects UV rays

As per the world health organization, snow reflects 80% of UV rays. This simply implies that even if you are enjoying your winter vacation in a heavy snowfall area, sun rays are not kind to your skin. As a rule of thumb, you should wear sunscreen for half an hour before going outdoors for optimum sun protection.

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