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5 Cheats To Add Volume To Your Hair

By: Sandeep Tue, 16 Jan 2018 00:04:08

5 Cheats To Add Volume To Your Hair

One of toughest struggles associated with fine hair is to keep it from falling flat. Only girls with super fine hair know how it feels to see that limp hair laying flat on the head each and every day. So, here are some excellent tricks for you to manage your fine flat hair and volume it up efficiently:

* Experiment Regularly

If you have fine hair, keep experimenting with your hair care as well as styling routine regularly in order to keep it from falling flat. Shampooing and conditioning your locks every alternate day will give lift to their roots, while using a dry shampoo in between will make it look voluminous. Make sure that you rub the dry shampoo properly so that the hair remains bouncy even after the overuse of products.

* Condition Differently

Fine hair and conditioning never go hand in hand. But in case your hair is damaged due to frequent heat-styling and coloring, you have to condition it anyway. However, you must use it prior to applying an anti-residue shampoo and this reconsideration of your regular routine will prevent your hair from weighing down.

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* Blow-Dry with Hair Upside-Down

Be tricky with your blow-drying practice. Flip your fine limp hair over as soon as you get out of the shower and start blow drying it with upside down. Keep brushing the locks or running your fingers through them as you go ahead. It will let the warm air released from the dryer spread throughout the hair uniformly and give volume to its roots.

* Get a Rounded Brush

Keep a good rounded brush handy, while blow-drying your fine limp hair. Make use of it at the roots of your locks in order to curl them away from the scalp. This way, your entire hair will get a considerable lift, which will eventually reduce its flattened look.

* Find a Good Curling Iron

Fine hair looks flatter, when styled straight. Add soft spiral curls to the ends of your tresses so that they get a little bounce and look gorgeous. However, do not over curl as it might spoil your hairstyle by giving it a limp, rope-like appearance.

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