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5 Major Reasons Causing Hairfall

By: Pinki Wed, 06 Nov 2019 00:20:14

5 Major Reasons Causing Hairfall

Losing hair naturally due to old age is normal but extreme falling of your hair can be more dangerous than you think. So the next time you see chunks of hair in the basin while you wash your hair, it’s time to worry about your hair. From using the wrong hair products to drying it the wrong way, here are 5 hidden reasons why your hair is falling a lot nowadays.

* Not Enough Proteins

You need to start including protein-rich foods in your diet such as lean meats and other legumes. Proteins help produce keratin that is necessary for hair growth. Lack of proteins causes your hair to stop growing and get weaker. They also turn grey sooner than usual since they don’t have the needed nutrients. Women, in general, should have 50grams of proteins in their diet and more. You can find proteins in legumes like pinto beans, sprouts, and meats, eggs, nuts and seeds, fish, peas, spinach, bananas, dairy products.

* New Medication

Have you recently switched to a new medication? That could be a big reason for your hair fall. The medication as a whole or a chemical component used in it could be affecting your hair growth and weakening it from the roots leading to hair fall. Check with your doctor for an alternative.

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* Stress Environments

Working in a stressful environment can induce hair fall. Constantly worrying and putting pressures on your body will indirectly hurt your hair and other body parts. Other people’s stresses could also be making you worry and lose control over your body functions. An imbalance in your hormones and bodily functions will mess up your hair fall patterns making it clump and fall off in chunks whenever you’re stressed in life. Try to lessen your load and over stressing on unnecessary things and meditate to relax your body and mind.

* Thyroid

You could be suffering from an underlying thyroid issue. The thyroid is responsible for maintaining the menstrual cycle, your body temperature and heart rate. Any problems with this important body part will result in changes all over your body from head to toe. If you are experiencing weird patterns or abnormal hair loss problems, check with your doctor for a thyroid test as soon as possible.

* Harsh Products

Always using harsh products on your hair can make it weak and fall off. Straightening, curling and any other processes that twist, bend, heat and cool your hair regularly can affect it. Hair tools and using the wrong hair care products can damage your hair permanently. Opt for natural hair care products with less chemical components and more of natural goodness. You can also try homemade conditions, scrubs, and shampoos depending on your hair type and feel.

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