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5 Makeup Hacks From Bollywood Divas

By: Pinki Fri, 22 June 2018 09:30:30

5 Makeup Hacks From Bollywood Divas

When searching for beauty lessons, we can always look up to our Bollywood celebs for some inspiration. And the past year has been amazing with several of our stars constantly showing up with makeup and skin goals. Here are our 5 personal favorites that you can definitely rock. They are simple to do and will look amazing on anyone!

* Winged Eyeliner

A winged eye is always a good idea and no one does it better than Sonakshi Sinha. A perfectly done eye will always make people swoon and is a great way to enhance your eyes.

* Glowing Face

It’s very girls dream to have a naturally glowing face. But we have to live with the harsh reality. Get some inspiration form Deepika Padukone’s this look and dab some highlighter to highlight your best features. The best way possible to fix your problem.

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* Enhancing Your Eyes

Highlights are everything. Then why not use it to enhance your eyes just like Sonam Kapoor! Adding a bit of shine to the inner corners of your eyes will make them pop and you could have the perfect twinkle in your eyes just like hers.

* Nude Lips

Bolds and pinks might have a special place in your heart, but the recent trend is to go nude. If you are trying a minimal make up look or just want to enhance your eyes just like Anushka Sharma, nude lips are the perfect match.

* Bare Face

Although makeup might be everything for makeup fanatics, but once in a while you must allow your skin to breath and let out your natural look just like Katrina Kaif. If she can do it, you can too!

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