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5 Natural Ways To Keep Your Kids Skin Soft

By: Sandeep Tue, 28 Jan 2020 1:13 PM

5 Natural Ways To Keep Your Kids Skin Soft

If you notice any dark and rough patches on your child’s skin, then there can be causes of concern. A child’s skin is normally smooth and silky. Any form of dark patches or scaly texture is not good. There are certain ways in which you can improve the quality of your child’s skin.

Remember that your child’s skin is delicate and tender. For that reason you have to be extra careful whilst taking care of his/her skin. Since precaution is always better than cure it is better if you can avoid exposing your child to too much pollutant. However, that always cannot be guaranteed. For that reason whenever your child faces dull or rough skin you can resort to some home remedies.

# Milk and Turmeric

You need to mix milk and turmeric. Then make it into a paste. Apply this paste on your child’s face and hands along with rest of the body. Wait till it dries. Remove the paste with soft wet cloth. Then give her a water bath. Do not use any soap or body-wash. This will make the skin to glow.

# Curd, Tomato Extract and Oatmeal

Make a mixture with curd, tomato extract and oatmeal. Apply it on the rough patches on your child’s skin. This natural mixture helps in reducing the problems and gives a smooth skin. It also enhances the complexion of skin.

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# Oil Massage

Oil massages are very helpful. It does not only improve the texture of the skin but also strengthens the bones and muscles of your child.

# Turmeric and Beetroot

Add a hint of turmeric powder in beetroot juice. Then make it into a thick juice. Then apply the mixture on the affected area. In this way it helps your child to regain the natural glow and complexion.

# Chickpea Flour on Skin

Chickpea flour is effective in removing unwanted hair from your child’s body. Make a mixture with chickpea flour along with milk or water. Then apply the paste on your child’s face and skin. After applying scrub your child’s skin. Repeat this process on a daily basis. This will make your child’s skin glow.

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