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5 Shades Of Red Lipstick You Need To Own

By: Pinki Sun, 24 June 2018 10:34:33

5 Shades of Red Lipstick You Need To Own

A bold red lip never goes out of style. Timeless and classic, the Marilyn Monroe red lip trend continues its legacy through contemporary artistes like Taylor Swift and many others. From warm hues to cool tones, every shade of red would manage bring out the diva in you. Here are a few red lipsticks you should own.

* MAC Ruby Woo

Priced at Rs 1500, this lipstick is well-known for its legendary retro-matte texture and rich colour pay-off. Offering nothing but true pigment, this is a blue-toned red which would suit most complexions. Belonging a big brand like MAC, the lipstick requires you to burn a hole in your pocket but is worth every penny invested.

* MAC Russian Red

This is an intense blush red which inclines itself towards the warmer tones of the colour. Again, this lipstick suits most complexions and is the classic Marilyn Monroe shade of red. MAC id undoubtedly costly but this matte lippie will not disappoint you. It is priced at Rs 1500.

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* Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Colour- Red Letter

This an extremely cost-effective lipstick. Priced at Rs 450, it offers a longevity of as long as 4 hours and does stick to the brand’s claim of being transfer-proof. The red has coral undertones and is a perfect lipstick for those who want to pull off a milder red or orange.

* NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream-Amsterdam

If you’re looking for a red with a hint of pink, look no further than this liquid lipstick from NYX. This is a tomato red which does not stand out too strong but adds just the perfect degree of pop to brighten up your face! It costs Rs 600 but do not fret to pay for the product as the matte formula is magical. It feels exceptionally light on your lips, glides smoothly and stands true to its name of a soft matte lip cream.

* Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color – Love

Liquid matte lipsticks have become a rage, haven’t they? Why wouldn’t they? With their long-lasting formula and weightless texture as well as colour pay-off, they were but bound to become one of the most sought after products in the lipstick arena. Love is a pretty shade which is very vibrant and strikes a perfect balance between cooler and warmer undertones. It suits all complexions and costs Rs 1195.

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