5 Tips To Get Voluminous Hair

By: Pinki Mon, 16 Dec 2019 10:56:45

5 Tips To Get Voluminous Hair

Do you have thin hair that always looks malnourished and damaged? Then worry not, for we’re here to save the day and your hair. Thin hair is quite common across the humankind and we’re always trying to get luscious locks that enhance our overall beauty. From Hollywood to Bollywood, celebs and hairstylists are aiming for volumizing hairstyles that make your hair look ‘big’ with minimal efforts. A hairspray here and some curlers there, and you’re ready to hit the town. Below are our favourite hairstyles that we’ve actually tried and tested!

* Wave It Away

An easy breezy look, if you have short thin hair, opt for a side parting. This helps to break the balance of an obvious middle part. Natural waves or creating a light wavey look will work wonders with a side part in making your hair bigger. Beachy waves are the best choice to style thin hair. Naturally dried hair also will look bigger so just give a deep side parting and you’re done.

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* Curl It Up

Curl your hair into tight curls instead of loose for a bigger hair. The tighter the curls, the puffier your hair looks. Alternatively, if you have long hair, go for loose curls that fade as they reach the tips of your hair. Ringlet curls will actually frame your face better and remain longer till you wash it off. Bedhead curls are also a good way to go for as they give more tousled hair-comfy vibe.

* Buns and Bangs

A sophisticated and chic look is a sleek low bun at the nape of your neck. Curl lightly a few parts of your bangs at the front of your face and let them free for a fuller look. You are pulling the party in the front but business in the back with this hairstyle.

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* Bob Your Hair

Opt for curtain bangs, just like the name suggests. They are normal bangs but that bend inwards. You can add a fringe or a sleek mid-shoulder bob with bangs and you’re ready to party. Pixie-bobs are always a good trick to pull if you don’t mind showing off you have thin hair. Slap on the gel and slick it up sleek for a rich lady look.

* Hairspray Magic

A classic trick, use hairspray to highlight parts of your fringes, bangs and pieces of hair around your face. Pat the rest down to focus on the front of your face and draw attention to the bigger hair pieces. You can also use hair gel or hair mousse to style your hair into a puff at the front. Slicked back looks work best for thin hair as they create an illusion of bigger hair.

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