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5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy During Monsoon

By: Pinki Mon, 09 July 2018 1:06:28

5 Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy During Monsoon

Rain brings relief from scorching hot climate during the summer season. With the arrival of monsoon people feels happy as they can no more feel the deadly heat of summer. Heat strokes and sun burns are one of the negative affects which you can stay far away after arrival of monsoons. But, even in monsoons some negative effects can crop up which might affect your hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy and sound during such climate, there are some important tips which you should always follow. Today, our environment has become so much polluted that it does not only bring rain water in fresh and pure form, rather dust carbon and other objects are associated with the rain. Thus, the acid rain is formed and can even damage your hair once it falls over it. There will be hair falls and other adverse effect of acid rain.

* In the monsoon humidity is high it make the scalp wet. So make your scalp dry. Do not get wet your hair in the rainy water. Use the umbrellas or caps in the rains.

* If your hair getting wet in the rain then makes your hair scalp possibly dry.

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* Take the hair baths 2-3 times in a week. It makes the hair scalp clean and conditioning. It further avoids the fungal infections in the scalp area.

* During monsoons, only using shampoo is not enough, you also need to go ahead with proper conditioning of your hair. You can either use some home remedies such as application or egg yolk or that of curd in order to condition your hair or get some effective conditioner from the market which is of same company with that of your shampoo.

* When you are using a comb, make sure that the teeth of the comb have enough space in between so that the hair stands does not break. You may also use comb with tiny and less spaced teeth but once your hair stands have become allied and knot free. There will be less chance of hair break and hair fall in such situation.

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