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5 Tips To Remember While Buying Cosmetics

By: Pinki Fri, 01 Mar 2019 11:46:41

5 Tips To Remember While Buying Cosmetics

Every girl loves a spanking new purchase of skincare or make-up that they have been eyeing for way too long. But, we often ignore the labels and hazards that are hiding behind the attractive packaging. Here’s what the fine print at the back is trying to tell us.

Retail therapy is one of the best ways to get rid of any looming stress or worries and you instantly feel uplifted after purchasing a brand new make-up or skincare product. But, is the product as fresh as it seems on the counters? Does it actually do what it says? Here are some indicators to look out for the next time you make an impulsive purchase.

* The jar

If you see a jar at the back that says ’6 M’ or ’12 M’ or something on similar lines, it’s implying the shelf life of the product. It could be six months, twelve months or sometimes even more. Do look at the date of manufacturing to know how long you can use the product for and don’t forget to toss it out after it crosses its expiration.

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* The fire

This one is quite easy; it means that your product is highly inflammable and can go up in flames if exposed to extreme heat! You will see this on almost all of your deodorants and any sort of aerosol sprays that are highly pressurised in cans. Be sure to store them in some place where there is no direct sunlight, preferably in a cupboard.

* The lowercase ‘e’

This symbol is commonly seen on items that are manufactured in Europe. It simply means that it’s true to the weight that is specified on the packaging. In a generation where we get less than we pay for, this symbol can be our ray of hope!

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* The rabbit

The gruesome reality behind the most established cosmetic companies is animal testing. In the manufacturing stages, they test their products on small animals for allergic reactions in very toxic environments. Most companies are shunning animal testing and putting cruelty-free stickers on their products, which is a leaping rabbit. Do keep an eye out for them!

* Book with a hand

This simply means that there’s a tiny booklet attached to the package that has some additional information that couldn’t be fitted on the main package. It could include some extra ingredients, disclaimers for using the product or warnings. No harm in getting some reading done!

* The three arrows

If you see three arrows pointing at each other to form a triangle, it means that the packaging came in is completely recyclable. So, once you finish the product, don’t toss it in the trash! Visit the store you bought it from, they may have a reward points system for returning empty packages. If not, you can visit a recycling plant and hand it over to them.

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