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5 Trending Kajal Colors You Need To Try This Season

By: Pinki Mon, 18 Feb 2019 10:47:26

5 Trending Kajal Colors You Need To Try This Season

Just last few days of 2018 and you are already in party-mode. Here are 5 amazing colour popping kajal pencils that you must to try something different in the next parties you hop in. Take a note, girl!

* Blue

Blue coloured kajal is heart! It makes the duskiest of skin tones glow, thus making the best go-to kajal colour for any skin tones! And the best part? You can opt for this popping kajal colour even at work without going OTT.

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* Green

Not many Indian women opt for green coloured kajal but the colour so easily blends with our wheatish and dusky skin tone! The green colour is soulful and can go on any outfit, for any occasion. Apply a thick line on your upper eyelids and apply a generous coat or two of black mascara. Opt for a nude lipstick. Have your girlfriends gushing over you!

* Aqua Blue

This colour might seem OTT but is absolutely NOT! Just make sure your don’t overdo it in the inner V-shape of your eyes because the light yet popping colour might give a weird virtual shape to your eyes. Opt for this kajal colour if your are in a bubbly mood; works best on fuchsia pink, rust-hued and all-black outfits!

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* Violet

Wearing a violet colour kajal will add the right amount of party-spirit to your overall look. You simply need to apply it generously on your lower waterline, apply a coat or two of black mascara on your eye lashes, highlight the area below your eyebrows and fill your eyebrows with a dark brown brow-filler product. You are good to go!

* Brown

Do you know a simple line of brown kajal pencil does wonders to your overall look! A swift application will give your eyes the quickest and most hassle-free smoky-eye look! If you’re in moody of fresh, dewy smoky-eye look, opt for this – apply and smudge brown kajal on both lower and upper eyelids, apply a clean coat of black mascara and opt for a nude pink lip gloss.

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