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5 Types Of Lip Sticks Every Women Must Own

By: Pinki Sun, 20 May 2018 08:05:53

5 Types of Lip Sticks Every Women Must Own

Lips are an important of our entire face makeup. A beautiful and perfect lipstick makes your whole look intact. Therefore, the products used for this should be chosen wisely. Your forgetfulness can not only hurt the beauty of the lips, but also your entire look. You will find many types of lip products in the market. So you also know how to choose them according to chance and need and look for the Gorgeous Look.

* Crayon Lipstick

They come in many colors and textures. In this you will get the benefits of both lipstick and lip balm. These are just like crayons in view, just a little bit more than them. It softens and moisturizes your lips, so if you have trouble with loose lips, use it. These are not bad for a long time.

* Creme Lipstick

Mats and creams lipstick have very little difference. Compared to matte, creamy and moisture is much more and smooth lips. It has more than the quantity matte of the moisturizer. Yes, they get worse quickly than matte. Due to its creamy texture, it often spreads out of the lips. To avoid this, place lip liner before lipstick.

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* Glossy Lipstick

It gives shiny look to your lips in a while. This kind of lipstick will suit the lip lips and show them thick and full. Compared to the rest of the lipstick, it quickly fades. So if you are going to a function where you have to stop for a long time, then this is not for you. After all, you will not always like to waste your time in giving it a touch-up.

* Lip Tints/ Lip Stains

These two lamps are like balm. The only difference is that apart from the rest, there is little color in them. It gives you a natural look. If you do not like to makeup much, then this is for you. This can make your lips lightweight. So if you have trouble with dry lips then do this on the left. These usually come in like markers or sponges.

* Sheer Lipstick

This is the perfect option for your everyday use. You do not even need lip liner for this. In it you get a natural look. Simply apply a soft base by applying a lip balm or concealer and apply it to it and apply it.

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