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5 Ways To Get Glowing Skin With Rice Water

By: Pinki Sun, 02 Feb 2020 4:13:16

5 Ways To Get Glowing Skin With Rice Water

If you have ever travelled to countries like China and Korea, you must have noticed the unique skin textures of women there. Behind their delicate, almost “glass” like skins, lies an ancient secret – Rice Water! That’s right! The impressive benefits of Rice water for skin are sure to give even the most reputed cosmetic brands, a run for their money!

Whether it is to minimize your pores or reduce acne breakouts, Rice water can be an ultimate beauty solution for all your skin woes. The best part is, it’s very cheap and easy to prepare at home. Time to take a Korean route by imparting rice water in your daily routine. Are you ready?

* Rice Water for Aging

Did you know that prolonged sun exposure can damage your skin due to UV radiation? This condition is called photo aging and can be prevented with the topical application of Rice wine (fermented rice water). A thin layer of rice water can shield your skin from the harmful rays and reduce wrinkles, dryness and patchy skin tone. An agent called Pitera present in fermented rice water can boost collagen formation and cell regeneration to reveal a younger, tighter looking skin!

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* Rice Water for Skin Lightening

Though there is no scientific evidence behind the skin lightening properties of Rice water, many experiments have shown visibly clear face after regular applications of this liquid. Experts opine that it could be due to the presence of phenolic compounds that work as antioxidants. They fight free radicals that cause cellular damage and encourage new cell growth, revealing visibly fairer and glowing skin.

* Rice Water for Acne Rosacea

As per certain studies, boiled rice water and soaked rice water contains a higher percentage of Zinc and Selenium. These minerals are powerful anti-microbial agents, which can fight infection-causing bacteria that lead to acne and pimples. Along with that, starch present in this liquid has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin to bring down the subcutaneous inflammation caused due to microbes.

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* Rice Water for Pigmentation, Dark Spots

Pigmentation is a result of excess melanin deposits in a particular area. It usually appears on the face, due to direct exposure to sun rays. Other factors like age and medication may contribute to this problem too. Rice water can be an excellent remedy for pigmented skin and dark spots, as it contains certain amino acids, that display anti-melanogenic properties.

* Rice Water for Open Pores

One of the most annoying skin problems is having enlarged pores. Fortunately, fermented rice water can deal with this problem too! Applying a layer of this liquid on your skin can shrink pores and create an even looking surface. It can even tighten your facial skin due to the presence of vitamins like B1 and E. With time, you can notice a smooth, porcelain finish on your face.

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