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5 Ways To Keep Perfume Last Long Whole Day

By: Pinki Thu, 12 Dec 2019 10:34:29

5 Ways To Keep Perfume Last Long Whole Day

According to multiple neurologists, smell is the strongest of our senses. A good fragrance is directly linked with positive emotions. Hence the better we smell the better we feel. But do you go through bottles and bottles of perfume rather quickly because you have to keep reapplying them? If you find that your fragrance has faded away by the time lunch comes around or even sometimes minutes after you’ve applied perfume, you are in the right place. We are going to give you five foolproof tips and tricks to keep your scent intact all day long to ensure you smell pleasant and feel happy and fresh. If you know how to make the most of your perfume, you won’t waste as much.

* Apply Petroleum Jelly

Another ingenious use of petroleum jelly. Before applying perfume, apply petroleum jelly to all your pulse points. This will hold your perfume and help you keep it intact all day long as oily skin retains more fragrance. The pulse points of your body are- neck, wrists, inside of your elbows, midriff, and calves. You know how the French saying goes, “spray where you want to be kissed!”

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* Storage

This is a crucial point. Do not store your perfume in a damp or sunny place. Heat and moisture will break down the enzymes in your favorite scent and will weaken the fragrance. Rather store it a cold dry place like your dressing table or closet. Keep your perfume bottle away from your bathroom, window sill, and medicine cabinet if you want the fragrance to stop fleeting away.

* Unscented Lotion

Lotion acts as a bind to help lock in your fragrance for a long time so gently apply some to all your pulse points. The natural oils on our skin don’t permit absorption of perfume, the lotion, however, absorbs the perfume and seeps into your pores making the scent linger longer. Ensure you use unscented lotion, as the aroma of a fragrant lotion will clash with your perfume scent.

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* The right time for application

Yes, there is a right time for perfume application if you want it last all day. Damp skin retains a scent longer than dry skin. The right time to mist yourself is immediately after you shower and before you put on your clothes. The reason behind this is that showering opens up your pores so it’s easier for the perfume to seep into your skin making you smell fantastic for a longer time. This calls for a change in your morning routine!

* Opt for Stronger Base Notes

Just like music, even perfumes have various base notes. A base note is a basic fragrance a perfume has. Every fragrance has a different lifespan. Citrus based perfumes, for example, have a shorter lifespan as their molecules are too light and will rub off in seconds. Whereas a fruity or floral based perfume will last longer because their molecules have more strength to latch on. Scents that stick around the longest are the ones commonly used as base notes, like vanilla, musk, and sandal wood. Choose wisely!

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