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5 Ways To Use Amla For Super Fast Hair Growth

By: Pinki Sun, 02 Feb 2020 4:27:42

5 Ways To Use Amla For Super Fast Hair Growth

Who does not wish to have beautiful luscious hair? Well! Hair adds a beauty quotient to both men and women. But with increasing levels of pollution and other stressful lifestyle patterns, hair fall has become a major concern for many. Post hair fall, hair regrowth is thought to be close to impossible in many cases. That is when amla comes as a saviour! Amla for hair regrowth has been an ancient technique.

Popularly known as Indian gooseberry, the benefits of amla, especially for hair, are truly remarkable. It is called as a super ingredient for hair for a reason! The gooseberry is has a lot of exceptional properties that accelerate hair growth, enhance hair regrowth, reduce hair fall and greying of hair, add thickness, and shine to hair. Amla based recipes work as best remedies for any hair concerns, and here is a guide that gives you information on how to effectively use amla for hair growth.

* Amla Oil

The Amla oil application regularly to hair helps greatly to fight hair fall and bring in new hair growth. Amla oil application is simple, but you should know whether the oil you are using is right or not. You can choose to buy the product from any of the supermarkets or departmental stores closer to your place.However, to make sure the amla oil is natural and safe to use, you can use naturally made amla oil made at home.

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* Amla Powder with Eggs

Amla powder with eggs is a home remedy that best works for the reduction of hair loss, adding shine to dull hair and enhancing hair regrowth. In this remedy, we will be using dry amla powder. Amla powder gains double strength when coupled with eggs. It works like magic as it nourishes the hair well and strengthens the follicles. Eggs are popularly known for their hair conditioning properties. When amla is mixed with eggs, it conditions the hair thoroughly, making it more manageable. Now wave goodbye to frizzy hair and dry hair with this secret.

* Amla Powder with Reetha & Shikakai Powder

You already know the uses of amla powder for hair. But did you know you could mix amla powder with natural shikakai powder and reetha for the best conditioning of hair?Well! The antioxidants and nutrients present in these ingredients will help in hair growth. Amla and reetha combination is said to be reducing the grey hair effectively in no time. It darkens the hair and brings in healthy follicles if regularly used.

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* Amla Powder and Henna Mix

If grey hair is giving you embarrassing moments, you must try the Amla powder with a henna recipe. This is a grandma’s recipe for hair conditioning and colouring. Henna works wonders as a natural colouring agent. Amla, when mixed with henna, gains the exceptional potential to bring back the hair’s natural colour! Amla is rich in antioxidants and nutrients and henna is a cooling agent with colouring nature. When you mix two super ingredients, the result is just fantastic! Try this and flaunt your shiny hair with regained natural colour effortlessly in no time. Alternatively, you can use amla juice if you prefer to extract fresh, natural juice at home.

* Amla Juice And Lemon Juice Mix

Besides using Amla juice with henna, if you mix it with lemon juice, it works like magic. If you are suffering from less loss or can see bald spots popping up from nowhere, amla juice works best for hair regrowth. The mixture boosts collagen levels and balances the pH levels in your scalp. Use this and watch your hair turn smooth and also dense in thickness in no time!

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