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5 Winter Skin Care Routine Every College Girl Must Follow

By: Sandeep Thu, 02 Jan 2020 1:15:58

5 Winter Skin Care Routine Every College Girl Must Follow

Dry, cracking skin can get anyone down and feeling self-conscious. But going through the winter months dealing with uncomfortable or ugly skin doesn’t have to be an option. Increasing your moisturizer, taking care of your body, and trying some innovative ideas are just a few starters. These 5 tips can be the key to making sure you’re feeling and looking great in your skin all year round.

# Oil

For anyone with a basic knowledge of skin care, it’s no how important moisturizer is for our skin, especially when the air is dry and the wind blows harsh. But, not just any moisturizer is going to do when the temperatures drop. Instead of soapy moisturizer that may dehydrates your skin, look for one with an oil base. One good way to know if you are getting an oil-based moisturizer is to look for a label that says “night treatment” or “ointment.”

# Wet Clothing

Trudging through snow or hiking to class in a pair of flats is one of the easiest ways to damage your skin. The dry and cold air mixes with the standing water resting directly against your skin, causing ugly blisters or peeling red skin if left on for too long. And, if you have sensitive skin or are prone to eczema outbreaks, it’s even more essential that you keep yourself and your clothing dry.

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# Skin Treatments

You may not know this, but skin treatments and even makeup can do more damage than they are worth. Alcohol based cleansers and masks are the first to go as the alcohol can dry out your skin faster than anything else on the shelf. The same goes with clay-based treatments like face masks. Look, instead, for the label “hydrating” or cleanse your face with plain water.

# Protect and Preserve

You need sunscreen. It should be one of the first things you put on your exposed skin in the morning and reapplied regularly throughout the day. While you may not be hanging out at the beach, the sun is still damaging come wintertime. Add the white snow creating a glare, the sun can do more harm than good. While you’re protecting your skin, don’t forget sunglasses. They’re not just fashion statements in the winter!

# Humidify Your Room

Old, dusty dorm rooms will only make your winter skin worse. If you are allowed, purchase a small room humidifier with a timer. Even setting it for a few hours per night can help your skin get the moisture it needs to refresh itself. It’s also great for your skin to recover after illnesses like flus or colds when your skin dries out or gets irritated easily. If you are not able to bring in a humidifier, try making your own. Take a large sponge (the biggest possible) and soak it in hot water. Then, strain it and place it into a gallon sized zip bag. Punch some holes into it to let the steam out, and you’ve created your own humidifier that can rest by your bed or window.

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