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7 Easy Steps To Do Salon Like Pedicure At Home

By: Kratika Sat, 15 May 2021 5:20 PM

7 Easy Steps To Do Salon Like Pedicure at Home

What takes you to places? Your ‘will’, of course. But, what part of your body carries out the movement that your will mind commands? Yes, your wonderful feet. They make you mobile and agile. Just how gracefully they carry the weight of your entire body, is truly marvellous!

Despite the huge role that our feet play in our day to day lives, they get limited care and attention. Your feet are exposed to dirt, pollution and sun, all of which take a heavy toll on it along with the physical stress from daily activities. For this reason, your feet need special therapy, known as a pedicure.

The benefits of a good pedicure are not limited to the feet alone.

Have you ever experienced a good feet massage that made you drift you into a peaceful slumber? Many ancient texts and stories, throw light on how steering different points on the feet can actually heal as well as alleviate pain from various regions of the body, promoting health and well-being as a whole.

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# Nail Cutter

It is a tool that is a must in every individual’s personal grooming list. Its function is as simple as the name suggests- to cut or trim your nails. Extremely long nails could hurt you and also house a lot of dirt. But at the same time, cutting them extremely short and exposing the delicate nail bed is also not advisable as it could lead to infections.

# Cuticle Pusher

Cuticles can become dry or flaky quite easily hence they markedly need exceptional care. A wooden pusher is suitable for soft cuticles and a steel one for comparatively harder cuticles. The cuticle pusher has a very subtle role and needs not to be used aggressively. A gentle yet firm push is all that’s needed. Using the spoon end generally and the sharpened end just for the corners would wo

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# Cuticle Nipper

This tool is used after you are done working with the cuticle pusher. Its function is just to trim in case you have those uneven pieces of rebellious skin mostly present around your nail bed. Working in an upward shift you can raise the dead skin off the nail.

It is not recommended to cut off the entire cuticle as the cuticle protects the nail from any attack of bacteria. Use it only to trim the loose skin. After the pushing and nipping part of the cuticle is executed, make it a point to moisturize it thoroughly.

# Nail Buffer

Need a little bit of gloss and shine on your dull nails? Rest your worries, the nail buffer does exactly that. It helps to smoothen and remove any dry ridges present on the nail, giving you a polished and shiny finish. Buff in one direction only and not in a haphazard manner.

It could be backward or forward, stick to any one direction. Be cautious to not go overboard with the buffer as there is a tendency that its over-use could thin out the nails. Using it once a month in a gentle manner is advisable to prevent any untoward outcome and keeping your nails shiny.

Make it a point to use the finer side of the tip as it would work more efficiently in smoothening the nails. On completing do not skip the application of cuticle oil or even applying beeswax could work.

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# Nail File

A nail file is basically used to provide a subtle shape to your nails, giving it the natural ovular shape could be good or else you could even experiment giving it a shape that could be pointier or arch-like and less rounded according to your need and desire.

Nail filer aids by fragmenting the nail very minutely and at the same time giving it the preferable shape. Many kinds of nail fliers could be found which include emery boards, metal files, ceramic, or also glass-coated ones. It is a widely preferred choice to use emery boards as they are comparatively gentler than the other options.

To begin with, nail filing, hold the filer at a 45-degrees angle, and keep it parallel to the nail you want to file. First, begin with the sides of your nail and then graduate towards the center. Do not be very harsh and aggressive, be light, and apply less pressure. File it in one direction to get a polished finish.

# Pumice Stone or Foot File

Our feet are so used to not getting regular exfoliation, care, or moisturization that many would find the skin, especially around the heels and toes to be thicker. That thick skin is none other than the build-up of dry and dead skin cells and callus over time.

Pumice stone is basically used to get rid of those dead skin cells present on whichever part of your feet. Its benefit is best visible when the foot filing is done after your feet are soaked in soapy lathery warm water for a few minutes. Maybe up to ten would be better. After the skin gets softened, wet the stone and rub generously against the area that needs to be exfoliated. Doing this at least twice a week could keep cracked skin, especially around the heel at bay.

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# Toe Separator

Jumping right to its function, the toe separator helps to keep the toes apart from each other for easier and more comfortable application of nail polish or for grooming each of them. In this manner, they do not even come in each other’s way when either of them is being pampered with your care.

Apart from these tools, you also need a good foot scrub and a foot moisturizer. We’ll discuss them in detail in the next section.

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