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7 Remedies To Treat Acne And Blackhead On Chin Naturally

By: Kratika Wed, 16 Mar 2022 5:34:22

7 Remedies To Treat Acne and Blackhead on Chin Naturally

T- Zone you say? Well, you still got pore strips for it. But acne and blackheads on the chin? Are not they absolutely hideous? More so when those blackheads photograph almost as though you have grown a beard. Alright, pardon the exaggeration, it will take a very high resolution camera to capture that but still. Also, acne on the chin makes make up a sort of a trouble since no amount of concealer seems ever enough. Try your best coverage foundation too if you so wish. But oh you girls thought it was just you with this ever growing issue of chin acne and foreheads. I am sorry but so much, your male counterparts in fact grow a more troublesome acne, part due to hormones and part due to the irritation caused by the stubble.

So you’ve had enough of the acne already, and the blackheads, and the intimacy – just in case the special one notices! Here’s how you can do away with chin acne and blackheads naturally and in a jiffy.

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# To your rescue: Clove

Have you heard how cloves help relieve tooth pain? Well, they help alleviate acne too and get rid of those chin acne and blackheads. All you ought to do is to apply either the spice, or clove oil, or a ground paste on the affected area . How the paste you ask? Boil a couple of cloves in a cup of water. Once the water is cool, strain and mash the clove such to form a paste to put on the acne. You may have to leave it on for a quarter of an hour, and it may feel cold or even tingle a bit, but rinse with cold water and see your acne and blackheads gone.

acne and blackhead on chin,home remedies,skin care tips,beauty tips

# Use the honey, Honey!

You may as well be tired of reading how honey is almost a magic potion for all skin issues but the miracle that it is, it will help with your acne and blackheads on your chin too. Apply a little amount of honey directly to your chin and leave till it gets stickier – almost 15 minutes or so and then rinse off with cold water. You can rinse off with cold milk too. If you have more blackheads than acne, add equal amount of honey and yoghurt and apply like a pack on freshly washed and towel dried skin. Leave till it is dry and rinse off with cold water or milk. Not only will the acne be gone, the skin will show few signs of damage and be replenished with moisture.

acne and blackhead on chin,home remedies,skin care tips,beauty tips

# No, Don’t throw away the banana peel

Yes, banana peels serve a purpose much more noble than people slipping over them. They are constituted such that when used as a scrub they do the job in an excellent manner and hence help get rid of the acne and blackheads you may have developed. You may as well mash an over ripe banana and use it to massage your skin as it contains particles that will open your pores and heal your acne and remove blackheads. For the peel, ground a small portion, mix in yogurt and later wash off with cold water. It is recommended you then massage your face with ice cubes to make sure your pores close and no dust gets entrapped within to cause trouble later since both banana peel and yogurt will expand your pores.

acne and blackhead on chin,home remedies,skin care tips,beauty tips

# Let it sting, Lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of the most effective remedies for both acne and blackheads but it will sting like a bee for the duration of it. Any citrus slice for that matter may be rubbed on the acne to create and alkali effect that helps get rid of acne as well as blackheads due to expansion of pores. Be sure however that if it stings a lot you dilute the juice with water or honey or it may end up spreading more acne than it cures, more so if you have sensitive skin. Lemon is also a natural bleaching agent and if applied only on a small portion of skin, it should not be left for long to avoid uneven skin tone. You can also add a pinch of baking soda to lemon juice and milk to get rid of the blackheads easily.

acne and blackhead on chin,home remedies,skin care tips,beauty tips

# Paint it red with Tomatoes

Tomatoes again are a wonder agent for your skin specially with the lycopene they contain. Tomatoes have similar properties like lemons and work as great agents to help you get rid of acne and blackheads on your chin. They are also natural de tanning agents that help clear your skin and leave it glowing. They are also rich in antioxidants and that your skin is sure to show. Rub a slice of tomato on your chin till you feel the juice has spread evenly. Leave for half an hour and rinse off with cold water. Make sure however that the water is not warm since your pores will be open and may lead to stinging whereas cold water will help contract the pores.

acne and blackhead on chin,home remedies,skin care tips,beauty tips

# Let the smell please: Sandalwood Powder

You will need either sandalwood powder or freshly ground paste from sandalwood stick. Mix a small amount in bengal gram flour and a spoon of yoghurt. Make sure you add a couple of drops of lemon juice since it is that which will help get rid of the blackheads. Apply the pack to your face or just the affected area and let it dry. If it burns, you have probably added too much lemon. Add more yoghurt or apply it directly. One dried, rinse off with cold water and reveal glowing skin sans any blackheads and with acne almost gone. Sandalwood does its job in cooling acne spots and curing them almost instantly.

acne and blackhead on chin,home remedies,skin care tips,beauty tips

# Take the heat! Steaming

So you thought that heat gave you more of that hideous acne and blackheads and ingrown hair and what not? Well then the heat comes to your rescue too. Taking a facial steam helps remove dirt, dead skin cells as well as those white cells which convert into acne over time. Now that the heated and humid atmosphere opens your pores, you just wipe with clean cotton and maybe you can spot the blackheads on the cotton too. Make sure however that you are not too harsh in wiping as in the process you might as well end up with spreading the acne even more.

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