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Going Bare Down There With Wax Can Be Very Risky For You

By: Pinki Thu, 13 July 2017 5:44:56

Going Bare Down There With Wax Can Be Very Risky For You

Waxing can cause damage to the skin, even if you don't necessarily see it. Waxing means truly ripping hair out by their roots, and we all know or have heard that this is quite a painful process. It hurts for only one reason: the hair really are attached very firmly to their roots and are a part of our body. Pulling them out means tearing them out by the root. It leaves a tiny wound just under the surface.

going bare down there with wax can be very risky for you

1. Infection

It's useful to know why we have pubic hair in the first place: Vaginas are made of mucus membrane, which is a type of skin that is more delicate than your regular skin. Pubic hair is like a moat that works actively to protect your, ehm, special castle. This hair acts as a cushion, making sure your many folds don’t stick together, which can cause rash and infection, and also protecting your parts during sex. The hair also traps bacteria trying to get in, which could otherwise cause infections like bacterial vaginosis and urinary tract infections. Removing that barrier is simply going to put you at additional risk for infections.

2. STI

Certain sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are spread through skin-to-skin contact. Skin damage only helps these in getting into your body — and you don’t have to be able to see the damage for it to be there. Microscopic tears such as those left behind when you rip out hair by the roots (or get razor burn, for those shavers out there) unfortunately count.

3. Burns

Depilatory creams can give your vagina a chemical burn, but what about hot wax? If you’re getting your wax on with a professional, s/he should know how hot to keep the wax so it still works but doesn’t actually burn your skin. However, the right temperature is a delicate balance, and hot wax can totally burn you if they're not careful. Different waxes need to be at different temperatures, but the general best practice is to have it move with the consistency of honey and not hurt like hell when it touches your skin.

4. Improper Growth

Every time you wax your hair or pull it out by roots, you put yourself at risk for an ingrown hair. De-rooting a hair means a brand new baby hair will start growing. Baby hairs are thin and weak and can have trouble finding their way to the surface (awww that’s kinda cute). If they get caught under the skin, you will get an irritated bump, which can get infected.

5. Scarring

While scarring from a bikini wax is rare, it can happen. If your skin is getting irritated chronically after you wax (meaning red and itchy for a while after), you can end up with scarring. Additionally, if you pick at an ingrown hair, it can scar. Not all that cute.

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