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Get Perfect Make-up Look For Diwali With These Tips

By: Kratika Fri, 13 Oct 2017 1:35:48

Get Perfect Make-up Look For Diwali With These Tips

It’s Diwali, that time of the year when we all Indians get into the holiday mood, the mood to enjoy some fire-works, mood to enjoy family dinners, mood to enjoy an ecstatic Diwali party with our family and friends. And amidst this celebration, how can we forget Indian Women, their beauty and their urge to look prettiest on these occasions. Ready to get dressed up in their prettiest traditional clothes, women in India look forward to Diwali and enjoy it in their prettiest forms.

# Skin Care

Its festive season, and so, please don’t experiment with your skin using new products. You may never know when you end up with allergic reactions or pimple breakouts. So, go the regular way and simply Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize your skin at least twice a day.

# Foundation and Concealer

Use your regular foundation and concealer. Make sure your base is natural and not very cakey. Use very little to give your skin the natural look. Apply the concealer properly and spread it finely with your finger tips. Based on your skin type, use a face powder to set the base evenly all through your skin.

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# Eyes

Indian women are known for their beautiful mesmerizing eyes. So, on festive occasions like Diwali, enhance your eyes with the right amount of makeup. Go for golden eyes with a smokey look at the corners. OR simply choose the neutral eye makeup and add a little magic with a smokey look at the outer ends. In case you want to look bold and play with colors, use colors like ivory and gold and use colored eyeliner to finish the look. Add a little shimmer in the edges for a more dramatic and festive look.

# Eye Liners

Choose the eyeliner you are most comfortable with. However, the winged eye liner shape looks classy these days.

# Blush

Use a blush that adds a more glowing effect to your skin. Choose the color that highlights your cheeks perfectly.

# Lips

Lip color is absolutely your choice. You can keep it light or even bright colored, based on your choice. In case you are opting for a nude look, add a lot of gloss on your lips to add a little sparkle on them. And if you are opting for colors, go for Pinks, Reds and Corals.

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