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Holi Special- 3 Amazing Benefits Of Bathing With Vinegar

By: Sandeep Wed, 21 Feb 2018 09:11:33

Holi Special- 3 Amazing Benefits of Bathing With Vinegar

Vinegar is not only a very useful ingredient in our kitchen, but it has a number of health benefits. There are various types of vinegar available in the market, such as white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar etc. Vinegar has been used as natural remedies for various skin and health issues for over 10,000 years. In Ayurveda, hot vinegar concoctions, soaks and baths are used to as a treatment for pain relief, immunity building, different skin condition and detoxification. In this post, I will be talking about Beauty Benefits of Vinegar Bath.

* Detoxifying

There are various types of detoxification bath. But none of them work like vinegar bath when it comes to flush out the toxins from our skin. Just follow the above mentioned procedure and experience soft and clean skin. And once toxins get released from the body, you feel fresh and relaxed. This is exactly what vinegar bath does, relaxing our mind and body by detoxification.

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* Reducing Body Odor

We use so many types of deodorants, body splash, perfumes, roll ons to get rid of body spray. But often the effect is temporary. But vinegar baths helps tackle this problem. Body odor is caused by build-up of bacteria which mixes with body sweat. Vinegar bath not only kills those bacteria but also prevents their future occurrence.

* Eliminates Skin and Hair Problems

Vinegar bath is a great way to get rid of our skin problems. If you are suffering from dry skin, flaky skin or dandruff, then vinegar bath is going to be your one stop solution for all your skin and hair worries.

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