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Holi Special- 4 Pre Holi Tips For Hair Care

By: Pinki Tue, 20 Feb 2018 2:34:10

Holi Special- 4 Pre Holi Tips for Hair Care

Dry and wet colors of Holi contain harmful toxins that can make your hair dry and frizzy. You need to take extra care of your hair so that this festival of colors does not take away the natural oil from your hair and damage the hair shaft.

* Before you step out to play Holi, it is very important to apply a good coconut based hair oil over the length of your hair as well as massage your scalp thoroughly. You can use any other hair oil of your choice like jojoba and castor oil mixed together work well too. The oil will act as a protective covering layer to your hair.

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* Before applying the hair oil, add few drops of lemon to the oil if you have sensitive scalp or dandruff in your hair. The lemon acts as a barrier, help in keeping the toxins from the colors from damaging your hair.

* If you don’t like using hair oil, you can apply leave-on conditioner or hair serum on hair before playing Holi. Take very little, spread on both palms and massage light into the hair. It will help to clean your hair easily when you wash off the colors.

* You can also go for a hair cream containing sunscreen which is easily available in the markets. This protects the hair from the effects of sun exposure and dryness caused by colors.

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